Prehistoric Humans Highly Skilled and Mathematical: China Archaeology


Prehistoric High Skilled intellectuals Humans in prehistoric times highly skilled.jpg

                                (Photo Haaretz 31 July 2019, R. Schuster)

In Eastern China, prehistoric archaeology revealed prehistoric scrapers and some bones. On the bones were cut vertical and horizontal lines in squares.

Gone is the “apeman,” the “hunter,” the caveman, the IQ underdeveloped animal/human of evolutionists. 

This individual of Chinese archaeological discovery was well dispensed with intellect matching modern times. What does it take to draw lines straight and with secure blocks. In underdeveloped South Africa, I noticed how local illiterate farmers could not plough straight. Their lands corn was always swinging or in half-circles. But this “early man” was able to draw straight.

The years allocated to these finds are also under dispute. In the year 2692 BCE there was a Worldwide Flood with the highest mountain on earth covered about 12 feet over. Thus the secure biblical chronology starting with 1450 BCE as the year of the Exodus out of Egypt, with the 400 years or 430 years from the death of Joseph not Abraham, as scholars mistakingly calculated and got confused with biblical chronology. Thus, 2692 BCE for the Flood.

All the dinosaurs died. The fossil record was created afterwards and man, multiplying and distribution though migration afterwards had very little at their disposal for tools. Prehistoric scrapers and tools were necessary for the migrationist nomadic cultures. Around EB III and EB II 2100 BCE, the Asian Koreans arrived at Amsadong on the Hanriver and there one can see their pottery with wavy lines just as one can find at Jericho at the same level and time. Prehistoric tools also but that is not remote since migrationists and nomads have no iron tools or metal tools. They used what was practical and accessable.

There was no hundred thousands of years or millennia in history of this earth. History starts with the Noahic Flood for post-Flood conditions and dinosaurs and fossil records. Sorry Darwin. We know you designed the Origin of Species because of your psychological grudge against the Creator God for “killing” your little Anne daughter (10 years old) in the New York Spiritistic sanatorium. So shelving evolutionary theory is a must. Dust off the Bibles and get in line with reality of the past rather than fairy tale science. Of course history starts with Adam and Eve and their fall. But it is the Flood that created our present Carbon dating situations and dilemmas. The Catastrophe of the Flood, see the Grand Canyon, see the layers and folds of the mountains or a whale in Iowa in a desert there, or a fossilized fish on a mountain in Amman etc. We have to say that biblical reality is closer to the reality and it is exactly chronologized by Hebrew scribes through the ages.



Ruth Schuster, “Prehistoric Art or Doodle? 110,000-year-old Engraved Bones Create New Mystery” Haaretz 2019, July 31. Downloaded on 1st of August 2019 from