No Boycott [of] Japan and the Bible


These days in South Korea some churches pay to put up the banners “No boycott Japan”. They look like this:

If you cannot read the Korean the sign is English friendly to Japan. That is how it should be. There should not be any boycott of anyone in the world. Thus, “No boycott [of] Japan”.

Churches will love this saying since Jesus said: Love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus did not say to churches: boycott your neighbor. Never. It is not in the Bible.

That is why the Seventh-day Adventist church is a-political. We do not want to get involved in childish behaviorisms of spiteful rhetoric, immature over-reactions, a love that is puffed-up, hate-speech, hate propaganda propelled by school children set up by the adults for situations that they know nothing about since they are not eligible to vote. Actually illegal. “Teachers, leave the kids alone….All in all, you just another brick in the wall”.

What wall?

According to Revelation 13 the wall will be the neo-fascist character of the USA in the last days. Last days is at play in this chapter of the Bible. SDA prophetic interpretation is clear on the second beast as the USA who will play in the hands of the Catholic Church.

According to Isaiah 6, which is also taking place during the 3 Angels message period of Revelation 14:6-12 just before the closing of the door of Mercy since Isaiah saw Christ with a crown on His head, a crown which He does not have yet, but will have as soon as His Investigative Judgment is finished. But in this period, “nations will be angry with each other”. Also migrationism will take place. Two signals of our time.

So when leaders are childish, they act in a neo-fascist way, meaning that they cannot be stopped by the normal tools of democracy or rulership or politics. The sophistication of fake media, media control by the governments, fanning of selected slogans, highlighting of half-truths, quenching of opposition by pointing fingers, throwing in jail, justice skewed. All signals of the End Time of which the apostle Paul told Timothy about. The last days, Paul said, people will be lovers of pleasure, of themselves, not of God and the list goes on.

Can I boycott Japan? I cannot boycott Japan just as I cannot boycott South Korea. A South Korean wealthy man in the USA bought me a brand new Toyota Corolla while I was studying as international student at Andrews University, Michigan. Who would do that to strangers?

But that is what Philip Chung did to me.

Can I boycott Koreans. No.

Can I boycott Japanese? No. When my father and I became bankrupt I was working in Japan and my owner asked me why I looked so sad that day. I said that by Friday the bank is going to sell our house to cover the bankruptcy fees.

This Japanese owner paid the next day all my father and all my debts in one shot. Who will do that to a stranger?

When I was a poor boy with hardly $10 in my pocket a week as student in South Africa, a University in Michigan gave me a surprise scholarship of $15000 to come and study for doctoral there. Every year I was inundated with scholarships. How can I boycott the USA?

My tickets were paid by good people from South Africa for many occasions. How can I boycott South Africans?

Yes, the banner is right. No Japan Boycott.


Lord, help me to accept the things I cannot change and change the things I can. In Jesus Name, Amen.