China’s Pandemic is a historical Repetition from 1918


Watching the media from a safe haven and distanced from Wuhan Province in China, people can easily criticize China for handling the Coronavirus with dragonic measures. The media is pointing fingers and critics are non-stop in their efforts to do so.

But, watching the video below paints a picture of similar proportions in all countries and the USA as in China. Within four weeks, 4500 people died. A total of 600 000 people died in the USA and 20 million in India. San Francisco survived the best since the major there created autonomous independent zones or regions so that each cannot infect the other. So there were less deaths recorded in this area in the USA. It is all in the video below. It was called the Swine Flu Pandemic or the Deadly Flu of 1918. One third of the World Population died. The picture of the Japanese Boat and its victims? All the same in the video below from 1918 in the USA. Nothing they could do. Conditions were filthy and unhygienic and disastrous. The funerals on the ships were just a short prayer and then many bodies were dumped into the sea. Bodies were stacked on wagons for burials and one can see hundreds of people digging graves for the dead in mass-graves.

How to deal with home-remedy against the coronavirus?

My suggestion is, and I am not a doctor:

1.    Boil water very hot.

2.    Take a new toothbrush. Brush the tooth with clean bottled water very well as well as the tongue. Then with hot water sanitize the toothbrush.

3.    Drink about 6 spoons of this boiling water. It will burn the lips, tongue but the heat is important to kill the virus.

4.    Then open a can of sliced peaches, wash the sugar out and eat two slices for energy.

5.    One should feel a difference in the body within 10 minutes.

6.    Go to bed and sleep an hour and a half.

7.    Repeat this procedure the whole night.

8.    By the morning, I predict that the virus is not the same size as before.

9.    There should be an improvement within 48 hours. If not, one should approach a medical clinic for added help like medicine.

10.Do not rely only on the medicine. Continue with the above treatment while taking medicine as well.

11.There should be an improvement within hours from this point.


Source for the Pandemic of 1918 and similar conditions in the USA then as now 2020 in China:

1918 Spanish Flu historical documentary/Swine Flu Pandemic/ Deadly Plague of 1918