In the Last Days Spiral

It is my understanding, that should we really be in the last days, and I have no doubt we are due to Daniel and Revelation hermeneutics with a historicist interpretation background, definitely not preteristic or futuristic but up to present day historicism, that we are finally here. 

Thus, pollution will not get better, weather reports not sweeter, pests not less and less, the earth not greener and greener despite reforestation efforts, the sky not bluer and bluer. 

And, we are in this spiral predicted by Christ and the prophets of the Old Testament. They are the precursor to the Coming of the Messiah or Christ at the Second Advent. Welcome to a world that needs dedication, consecration, Law abiding spirituality, tapped in with God, with Christ and with the Holy Spirit. Wholly sanctified, vindicated by Christ Our HighPriest as Advocate in the Heavenly Investigative Judgment running right now but soon to stop with dire consequences who did not surrender to God the self. It is also inescapable. Sorry. Except if one lives under the umbrella of God or Christ or the Holy Spirit, actually all three of them as One. Yes there is only one God. But Judaism missed in the Old Testament reading the role of all three like Psalm 110, Isaiah 53 with the suffering Messiah before the glorified King One and so forth. All roads do not lead to Rome if one talks about Heaven. I am the Way the Truth and the Life Christ said. The only one. No ecumenism. So why not starting today to investigate Adventist Historicistic Interpretation of Daniel and Revelation by downloading Uriah Smith's commentaries on the two Books? After reading them and the reader does not want to be an Adventist, I will wish him/her good luck for the future. But if, then all these sweaty news that sounds doom and gloom is actually just the opposite: Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus we are almost home!

I realize that Pope Gregory the Great experienced the same spiral in 588 A.D. and by 590 A.D. he was convinced that the End of the World has come. Thousands of people died of a pandemic that hit the world at that time. Also Rome. There were earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis at that time. He interpreted the same corpus of eschatological or last days scriptural texts, Luke, Mark, Matthew, Revelation, Daniel, Paul in 1 Thessalonians 2 with the End of Time in his day and started to preach and teach this way. But, this day of ours is different. For in his day the 1260 years until 1798 persecution period did not end yet as predicted in both Daniel and Revelation. We are beyond that date. We are beyond the firm 2300 years period of Daniel 8:14 that ended in 1844. And the predictions of the return of Catholicism to a prominent religion as said in Revelation 13. Did you download Uriah Smith’s Daniel and Revelation? You better or you are left behind in know-how of our immediate future. And unfortunately lost as well maybe?  

Last Days Spiral.jpeg