Inventing a Possible Self-Destruction: Regeneron’s new Concept against Corona-virus


One of Regeneron’s Lab scientists, came up with the idea that if one simulate the system of a mouse to be human like and inject a simulating coronavirus in it, then one can get cure there for human in return. This said, that is what they did, according to NBC. But, in review here, the solution hailed by NBC and the CEO of Regeneron, the company trying to develop the vaccine, may contain the very beginning of thorns for another future problem. This is how it works.

George Inkopolus altered mice immune systems to resemble human immune systems and then injected a simulation coronavirus in it which it effectively overcome with antibodies and then tap out of the mice this system to inject it into a human to fight the virus.

Dr. Len Schleifer, the president is very optimistic but the reality is...mice is forbidden to be eaten by God so why should blood remnants of a mice be injected into a human?

Leviticus 11 is as relevant for Regeneron Lab as it is for anyone of us. If we are not permitted to eat pork, ham, Viennas, dogs, rats, why can we be injected by the blood of these taboo animals for a cure for our diseases, the very diseases that the prohibition of Moses was trying to prevent?

So, based on my mosaic law prohibition wisdom, I tend to think that the Regeneron Lab should use a lamb instead for testing, which may be eaten by humans rather than a prohibited animal. Period.


Source: NBC March 11, 2020 "Inside a Lab Racing to develop Coronavirus treatment".