Human Nature Essentials for a proper Investigation

Regardless whether the scholar is pre-lapsarian or post-lapsarian, the following realities are to be part of the engine of investigation.

Ellen White did believe that everyone can keep the Sabbath. She also believed that you needed a relationship to God to keep it proper.

She believed that all ten commandments could be kept and should.

That sanctification cannot happen unless all the commandments are kept.

That perfection can be attained on earth and should be before the Close of Probation.

Perfection for her was not at the Second Coming of Christ but before, spiritual perfection that is. Bodily perfection is at the Second Coming.

Christians cannot entertain any form of sin in their lives and maintain a proper relationship with God. Sin must be forsaken.

She did not believe that anyone who is a sinner can save him/herself.

All became sinners and needed a Savior outside of themselves.

When dealing with statements of Ellen White or the Bible on the human nature of Christ, the following considerations are necessary.

Whether the statement implies that the baby born starts with an innate hereditary sin from Adam. Or, in alternative, not in the baby but due to the first individual sins as teenager becomes a barrier between them and God.

Even in the Bible, when Psalm 51 says that in sin did my mother conceive me, the question is whether it is within the body of the Baby or the Baby’s body in the environment and surroundings of sin.

Is sinfulness innate since baby or later in teenager years “youth’.

Is sinfulness acquired or inherited?

Does she mean the unable aspects of a human in a state of sin before conversion or any time afterwards as well?

Was perfection possible in the Bible and is it a mark or goal?