Animals found in Ice

Ice animals from the Flood

After all these years you are mentioning, I was very happy to recognize the lion cubs pretty similar to those of the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Evolution stood still with them. Did it not?So you are right, Creationists like me are interested in these Flood deaths and evidence of that so clear. If they were drifting on the waters when it resided they would go down in strange positions too. Noah's Flood was, from a strict biblical Fundamentalist position, aligned to outside sources like that of Epolemos, Josephus et. al, for the kickoff date of Solomon's building of the Temple as the year 970 BCE and not 966 BCE as the Dean of Chronology Edwin Thiele suggested in the mid-1960's. It brings the Exodus date to 1450 BCE when Thutmosis III flooded in the Red Sea, explaining why the Thutmosis III mummy at the Oriental Institute is really the older brother that died at Midnight six hours before Thutmosis III's death. The mummy according to Wente et al, X-Ray analysis is only 35 years old. Should be. Right? So the 400 years of Egyptian domination and slavery brings the death of Joseph in 1878 BCE and from there it is a matter of calculations to work back to Noah and the Flood is calculated to be in the year 2692 BCE. Sorry that I took so long to get to the date of the Flood.. After 30 years of moving the date up and then down and then up again, this is my latest 2020 assessment with reasons I cannot give here. Nevertheless, Hebrew Chronographers were very careful how they calculate their history. Data and detail were very important to them. It was not just myth and imagination from campfire stories. Sorry Von Rad. With these lenses, not those of Lyell or Darwin, I will spent time with your data to iron out the reasons why I can smile peacefully with my own narrative and sources. Hope other can join in too. Darwin should not have tried to "punish" God for the death of his little 10 year old daughter in the Spiritistic Sanitarium in New York with his publication of the Origin of Species (see the recent article by a professor emeritus in Psychiatry on this online. Amazing and revealing data with welldocumented evidence from his sister, wife, brother and himself. Back to your video: I highly recommend this video to all. It is very informative and very interesting. It was not that they ate grass and dropped into icy waters. They were overcome by these waters, it seems to me. Will look more carefully later. People might say that Richard Dawkins will be furious at your comments. I say: his ontology has affected his epistemology. Thanks video maker and Editor of this video. Make more please. Hope people will subscribe and donate for more to come.