Atonement Once and for All cancelled by Hebrews 9:8

8 τοτο δηλοντος το πνεύματος το γίου, μήπω πεφανερσθαι τν τν γίων δν τι τς πρώτης σκηνς χούσης στάσιν,

“This revealed the Holy Spirit: not yet made known/shown/revealed is the way of the [Most] Holy [see verse 3, short form of agia agioon as opposed to agia for the Holies in verse 2], while the first tabernacle [there are three: 1: outer court,; 2: Holies or agia 3: Most Holy or agia agioon] continue/exists/stands.

Christ went into the hagia [cf. verse 2] once and for all. He is not going to go again into the Holies. Not again on the cross. He died only once. Every saving act of Christ in heaven is “once and for all”. Every one act of Christ is a Greek Aorist Punctular form. It is not a line but a fullstop or period. It does not matter which side Christ entered the Heavenly Temple to function there, it is once and for all so that it will not be repeated in ages to come. The function of Christ in the Most Holy is “not yet” see 9:8 μήπω πεφανερσθαι.