Nature of Christ in the William L. H. Baker 1895 Letter of EGW

Nautre of Christ in Baker Letter.jpg

The 1895 William L. H. Baker letter of Ellen White on the Nature of Christ must be understood with the following diagram in mind.

Separate the Time zones with each individual: Adam I, us and Adam II.

Time A for Adam I was when he was created perfect. Time A for us is when we are born with propensities of disobedience. Note: This is before disobedience and is thus a perfect situation of basically sinlessness.

Time A for Adam II is when He was born in exactly the same sinful flesh as us as Romans 8:3 is saying.

Time B is later when Adam I sinned.

Time B for us is later when we execute our choice and yield to the demands of the propensity to disobedience. None succeeded to overcome this dilemma. If any human did, they would have been Christ II.

Time B for Christ is when He succeeded in His execution of His choices to always shun evil or temptations and overcame where we did not.

When you read statements of Ellen White, always ask whether she means at the birth of the baby or later in adulthood when the person makes the fatal choices branding them as sinners.