Isaiah 6:  Comparing S Driver 1883 and Ellen White 1888


1.S. Driver wrote in 1883. Ellen White in 1888.

2.D says that it is in the Most Holy Place in Heaven. E says the same.

3.D says that the ark is gone and the throne took its place. E. says that the throne is above the ark.

4.D says that the cherubim is absent and in their place is a choir of living beings encircling the throne called seraphim. E. says that the Cherubim are there and they are the seraphim.

5.D, says that the seraphim had a human form and sang in a choir. E. said nothing about the human form but that they sang fervently.

6.D. is agnostic and critical as Higher Critic. E. is faithful and appreciative of the Word of God.

7.D. is highly learned and professor of Hebrew at Oxford. E. is not educated except elementary school.



S. R. Driver, Isaiah Life and Times. 1883. (online at archive)

E. G. White, Review and Herald, October 16, 1888. (online at the estate in the book Reflecting Christ page 338.