Tribal Wars of America: Contemporary Reflections

Ideology into Party-Politics has created Tribal wars in America: Contemporary Reflections

Coming from Africa and born there, it is very easy to see what America’s problem is after the 6th of January. It is really a “tribal war” between the B-Tribe and the T-Tribe. And once the power is handed over or forced out of the hands of the other tribe or even as some say “stolen”, whatever the view, the war does not stop. No, immediately steam is building up to ignite another war again. This spirit of media rage and anger and agenda journalism going on very clearly since 2016 is one of the reasons why the American “Titanic” is going down and it does not make a difference how you arrange the seats. Whether it is T-furniture or B-furniture.

Some wants to delight in Graham’s speech to the Press recently, or Mike Pence calm dealings staying on course, but as long as “fire” is coming out of the mouths of the B-tribe with B included, there is no hope for a calming of political passions, a settling down of moods or reaching a common ground for peaceful co-existence.

Ask Mandela what should be done. When he became president, listen to his message. B’s messages fall short from that of Mandela in leaps and bounds. He did not only put away the sword but demanded that all swords be put away and absolutely forbidden to be drawn at all.

So what is then expected from Biden is that he should follow Mandela in condemning Pelosi and her cronies for trying to revenge with impeachment on Trump. Why anger 70+ million supporters with nonsense? Why instigating the rightwing group to be turning into terror groups?

Jewish sociologist Hochsmen wrote that the T-tribe feel they are alienated from their country. The media and tech giants are part of this. It is like a long line of dominoes hanging on each other and none of them admit that they are leaning against one wall, the first one leaning against the wall. If that wall is neo-fascism all of them are too far remote to say: yes, I am a neo-fascist. But in reality leaning skew on the one before and allowing thousands of others to lean also skew on you, actually thousands of dominoes earlier, there is the leader who is leaning on neo-fascism but the person is too blind to admit or even see it. This is self-deception. They cling to the beautiful Utopia or “heaven” of equals that can now be attained faster now that they have control on both houses. They live in a pipe-dream. They have a tunnel vision., They do not see the big picture. The big picture is not only how much support we will gain from globalists or globally. The big picture qualitatively, from whom? What kind? What are their opportunistic agendas with their support?

Then there is the Daniel factor. The End-Time scenario previewed and pre-presented to Daniel by God before 539 BCE. He saw it all coming. What we experience today was seen by Daniel.

Trump will come to his end and no one to help him (Daniel 11:45). Then what? Then there will be a Time of Trouble like there never was (Daniel 12:1).. Good morning Biden.

According to the biblical theology of the Time of Trouble, God’s wrath is poured out on the evil during this period in seven last plaques. Environmental theology of saving “mother earth” is not going to be working at all. God is going to unleash winds of change and earthquakes and tsunamis and storms of hail and the more with pests and multitude that is going to make Covid 19 look welcome. The skin disease is still coming.

Who? The evil or unfaithful. Not the faithful. The bible promise preservation to the faithful during this time. But the rule is this: you have to be faithful before this time comes because when it comes, there is no longer a possibility to repent or convert. The Door of Mercy has closed because Christ is done with His work of Atonement in heaven in the Most Holy. The Investigative Judgment of the saints living and dead is completed.

For this Bible reader, all pointer are there that the change of T-tribe to B-tribe control is the beginning of the Time of Trouble. It will kick in soon after the honeymoon is over and 2021 will be the year for witnessing that. (Koot van Wyk reflecting on the 11th of January 2021 from Seoul)