Remnant Searching


Remnant begins with the cut of an apple and one third is removed. Remainging is two-thirds of what is total happiness.

Human race is created to fill that gap.

They become the Theater of the controversy but cherished by God their Maker and also by the unfallen worlds for their victory.

But, they failed many times. However, they have also many times victory.

As remnant, Adam and Eve sinned but God is looking for them.

He gave them a chance for victory. . . through hardships, trials, testing to victory.

Abel is remnant for painfully paying attention to detail of manner of sacrifizing.

Henoch is remnant for walking with God in close relationship.

Noah is remnant for following His instructions.

Abraham is remnant because he listens to his call.

Isaac and Jacob is remnant because he wrestles with God and had victory.

Later also Peter clung to Him saying: I will not let You go.

Joseph is remnant because he will say no to moral onslaught.

Moses is remnant because he accepted the call to remnant formation.

The remnant is obedient to God in little detail - no cooking on Sabbath.

Remnant is obedient to the law of God at Sinai - no calves to worship.

Remnant is obedient loving and doing.

Remnant is God-seeking and God-following and have a relationship with God for God is love (Isaiah 43).

Remnant are the fruitful ones in a large group.

Remnant is universal and from any nation, like Ruth, a Moabitess, or Uriah, a Hittite.

Remnant is looking forward to the coming Messiah as Daniel 9:24-27 predicted to die after 490 years in 31 AD.

Remnant is expecting a suffering Messiah in Isaiah 53.

Remnant is expecting a risen Anointed Messiah in Psalm 110.

Remnant is following Christ in His appearances where He is.

Remnant holding His garment asks: for remembrance when He is coming in His glory.

Remnant seeks Justification by Faith and also go and sin no more.

Remnant accepts their role as Sabbath Keeping, third Angel preacher.

Remnant follows Christ in His Sanctuary Typology which is virtual reality on earth but reality in heaven.

Remnant is sealed by the Latter Rain.

Remnant are those who will be perfect before Christ comes.

Remnant are those who are victorious despite war against them.

Remnant are those of her Seed who keep the commandments and testimony of Jesus Christ.

Remnant is taken to heaven to fill the gap of the one third that was cut from the apple where we started above.

Are you a remnant? Remnant will be those who follows the Lamb wherever He goes.

Why Lamb? Because they need to follow the Sanctuary Message in its full processes and not lock Christ up at the cross which was the altar while a Holy and Most Holy in the Sanctuary remain for Christ to enter.


Koot van Wyk reflecting on Sabbath April 2, 2021.