Black Heritage: A Note on Calvin B. Rock’s article in Ministry of 2000

It is one of the roles of a Seventh-day Adventist to speak when the need arises. The topic is that of the article written by Calvin B. Rock in 2000 of the Ministry on Black American Preaching. Some will say, stay out, you are white, it is none of your business. 
I disagree. It is my church and we are all part of it and remember Judas Iscariot? He was all part of the disciples but with an agenda foreign to that of the Isaiah 53 with the Lamb slain theology and rather revolutionary saddling the horse for civil rights and social activism. This article of Rock falls within that category. 
The author actually admits it that it is about a heritage of blacks that they have not chosen that must add now a new heritage of Adventism that they have chosen. 
The author wished to walk on two railways at the same time but I am afraid that is not going to be successful in the end or currently. This railway that Rock is advocating walks point blank into “Wokenism” or CRT Critical Race Theory. 
The Adventist heritage is not asked by the Bible nor any of their pioneers to focus only on this race group or that. Neither does any of our pioneers or Biblical texts asks us to hold or cultural heritage so high that it becomes an equal option with our chosen religious heritage. The Spirit of God and the Trinity is committed for jobs of makeover. It means that Cultural Romanticism has to be thrown away. It needs to make space for Cultural Revisionism. 
I need to lay down my garments and baggages of the past in experience, in history, in family history, in family incidents, and standing naked to be clothed with Christ’s garment of Righteousness without plusses. 
Rock pleads for plusses. Cannot do. BLM problems in the USA is exactly because of this. Black speakers like Ben Carson and another with the name of Andrew, from another church, both allocated it as Black Lives Marxism. They even indicated that Martin Luther King was not a pure Protestant but a Marxist. Look at his speech, “I have a dream”. What are the Islam worshippers doing right behind him? Just interested audience? All the way from the Middle East? For they do not dress like that walking daily in the USA. But, it is not a purpose to argue or debate. We need to drop the cultural heritages of us all and approach the throne of Christ for makeover new human beings. 
Most Americans have done that already anyway. Have you seen the 911 videos with people running away from the smoke and dust? White clinging to black and black helping whites? Where is the cultural heritage here? There is only one heritage and that is the heritage of the gospel of Christ. Patriotism or Nationalism stands at the gate of the church while members walk in to worship together with God in their midst. Period. Pulpits are not lecterns for Wokenism, Black Heritage, Patriotism, Nationalism, Marxism, Socialism, Civil Right Activism, we are not Judas Iscariot, the Sicarier who carried a knife always with him as that revolutionary terrorist organization use to do in Jesus’ days. 
Go and preach the gospel to all nations, then shall the end come.
Calvin B. Rock, Black American Preaching. Ministry September 2000. Downloaded from the internet on 28th of August 2021 from