Daniel 7 explained with Fresh Thinking


In this video Daniel 7 is explained with the help of diagrams. The Background or overview of the historical part between Daniel 1-6 is necessary to understand the background of Daniel receiving the prophetic visions in Daniel 7. The animals are empires of the past and the future that Daniel saw. Like people extrapolate for Nostradamus all kinds of future predictions, this author is using past history not to extrapolate from Daniel what he did not say, but what through history was found by a multitude of scholars to be applicable at every level. Eight (8) thrones are visible in this video. Five worldly empires ending in 1798 when Napoleon's general Berthier took the papacy to Paris to a jail. The paradigm shift was from religious / Canon constitution to Civil constitution and the USA is leading the way in it until now. In verse 13 it is not Christ coming at the Second Coming but Him receiving kingship after the Judgment or Investigative part of it is over. Then the saints will be fetched for they in v. 27 and the small throne in the diagram, will reign for a thousand years (Revelation 20) with Christ in Heaven because at Resurrection day in Daniel 12:1, the saints are taken to heaven says Paul in 2 Thessalonians 5. [About the photo. It is in the Ellen White Museum just outside Avondale University in Australia. It is in the Sunnyside home of Ellen White who died in 1915. This picture is from 1943-1945 by a Korean POW with the name of K-S Lee, who was in jail in those days. He took the book of the Gospel of John, and instead of crying about his misery in jail, he wrote it out with the face of Christ. A piece of KOREANA!