What is happening as we speak...

Daniel 11:44-12:2 Maybe? 

מד וּשְׁמֻעוֹת יְבַהֲלֻהוּ, מִמִּזְרָח וּמִצָּפוֹן; וְיָצָא בְּחֵמָא גְדֹלָה, לְהַשְׁמִיד וּלְהַחֲרִים רַבִּים.    

44 But tidings out of the east and out of the north shall affright him; and he shall go forth with great fury to destroy and utterly to take away many.


What we read here, is the Book of Daniel 11:44. The verse 45 was already fulfilled in 2017. Trump moved the embassy of the USA from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. It is placing his seat between the two seas, the Mediteranean and the Dead Sea.


But what about the news from the east that will upset the USA?

It appears as if Trump is going to make a come-back?

Russia wants Ukraine because Putin thought that it belonged to Russia. So he took Crimea under Obama. Then he could not do anything further due to Trump. But then Biden took over at the age of 79 now, frail and disorientated. Excellent window of opportunity for the grabbers. Both Russia and China think so.


So what are they going to grab? Russia wants Ukraine and China wants Taiwan. Both refuse to listen to anyone or turn away.

So China asked Biden to follow Russia on Ukraine in the hope maybe that Russia will ask Biden to follow China on Taiwan.


Daniel 11:44 said that news from the east [Iran/China/North Korea independently or in consort or two of them or all three] are going to “affright him”. Some translations says “shall disturb him”. The “him” is the USA since it is my understanding that from vv. 36-45 it is the USA as the next empire in prophecy that is at stake through all these verses with its wars in the Middle East.

The last one was Ethiopia or Sudan or Somalia or all in verse 43.


But in verse 44, the east [Iran/China/North Korea] and the north [Russia/Syria/Iraq] will be a trouble/disturb him/affright the USA.

With 112000 troops surrounding Ukraine today the 31st of January, scholars think that the attack will be the middle of February. They closed the gates for European diplomats today to visit Russia. They do not want to be persuaded otherwise.

On the 2nd of November is the elections and Democrats are going to loose the Senate and the House.

That means Pentagon is going to be strongly steered the “on-becoming Trump” way.

That is what Putin fears and also China. There is thus a window of opportunity now between February 2022 and 2 of November 2022 to get the ball rolling.

This will have huge consequences. The dominoes are going to fall. There might be even some movement by North Korea during this time getting excited about his ‘coaches’ success for their own countries? Who knows?

According to the verse, they may have used their Window chance to attack Ukraine and Taiwan and took them and the USA “shall go forth with great fury to destroy and utterly to take away many”.

Is Pentagon coming? Yes. But after a constructed delay. A delay by the cognitive inability of Biden and the lock-down created by the process of democracy that takes time to mature.

Is it just Putin and China that is going to run the show? Daniel says no. After their wars Pentagon is going to “destroy” and “utterly to take away many”. That is, if the shock about Iran and Isis was not the fulfillment of verse 44 already. The next dilemma may be a proof that the above theory is not correct. Maybe after all, it was already fulfilled. You see, I have a problem with verses 45 and 44 to be fulfilled in this order and not in the order of 44 and 45, if the current Russia and China plans are the fulfillment.

I do not know why fulfillment in my scenario of events makes verse 45 be fulfilled before verse 44. Or is the great fury the destruction of Osama ben Laden and the Iran general? And is the “taking away many” the migration phenomenon over the whole world? In this scenario, the USA did it simultaneously with verse 45. 44 and 45 together.

So, if verse 45 is already fulfilled, is 12:1-2 the Time of Trouble predicted with Russia and China as the agents of problems for the world? That has also many implications to it. The Remnant has nothing to fear. Promised in prophecies.

The Messiah will come vertically moving to above this earth during this time according to Daniel 12:1-2.

Heading to this uncertain time in history today the 1st of February 2022, Christ said in Matthew 24 that we will hear of rumors of war and wars, but we should not fear for these things must happen. If Christ said so. Then do not fear. That is it.