Replacement of chip in Putin’s Brain: Influence on Putin


Are you confused as to what is happening to Putin and Ukraine?

Nearly all Russians were affected or influenced by the Stalin insisted chip called “Marxism”. But, not all Russians like it or enjoyed it. Many hated it. Could not do anything. Putin was silently doing the same. Then when it was his time in history, he searched for another chip and that one he found in the Kremlin Philosopher Alexandr Dugin and so the new chip entered his brain called: nihilistic neo-Marxism.

The current entry into Ukraine is all part of this philosopher’s dream. He wishes to create a take-over of large sections of Europa and Asia so that it will form a neo-Marxist Euro-Asia that is ecumenical and multi-focused rather than unilateral nationalistic as the Stalin chip was. Thus, neo [new] Marxism.

In this video of the challenge between two philosophers, the one from the West and the one from Russia (Alexandr Dugin) one suddenly understands why Putin is what Putin is today, as we speak.

One also can anticipate what is going to happen and how far any peace process will be.

Dugin wants to take over western Ukraine. He said it in this 2019 video. He wants to take over Europe and destroy USA power because he wants to teach them the lesson, he said, in the video, that they are now defeated and that multi-lateral power reigns not unilateral power, as he accused the West of.

But Levy differs with his views and pointed it out to him in this debate.

Is God using/allowing the nihilist-minded Alexandr Dugin to set the stage for the last global problem called “The Time of Trouble like there never was” in Daniel 12:1-2 during which time the vertical Messiah comes in glory and all evil powers hide in caves but to no avail? It is predicted and it is going to be real and it is going to be suddenly.

This is called the Second Coming of Christ. Which is near. According to Daniel and Revelation.

Get right with God is our only hope and strength. Psalm 37 is our strength of promises for these times. Have hope in God and you will be protected, it says. Believe it and have strength not fear.


Source for the video of the Chip in Putin, see this debate:

Bernard-Henri Levy vs. Aleksandr Dugin ? Nexus Symposium 21 September 2019, Amsterdam