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Studying Genesis in the series Lesson 5 let the Holy Spirit bring changes in your life.

The Topic today is: "One language--desire to unify and built upwards".


The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God"


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Monday Morning

---Why did somebody in the distant past, even since Adam, exactly calculate their ages?

---The conventional scientific view is that Ham are the people from Africa.

---It then means that the Canaanites "moved into Palestine territory" and squatted there. Migrate to that area.

---Israel territory was thus a land of "foreign squatters". Like the Philistines.

---When God later gave that territory to them as territory, He did not "steal from the Canaanites" their land. Their land was Africa. The same with the Philistines. Migrants from elsewhere anyway.

---Ham was in Africa with the rest of his children but his son Canaan migrated to the territory of Palestine.

---When Israel entered in 1410 BC there were many nations from other countries living there for business and other reasons.

---It was a "no-mans land" that God gave to Israel.

---There is no "Canaanite language".

---There is no "Canaanite culture".

---There is no Canaanite nation". 


Tuesday Morning

---When was the Flood? 2692 BC calculated with W. Shea and R. Davidson's 970 BC as 4th year of Solomon after been corregent with his father David from 974 BC.

---When was the Tower of Babel built? Plus minus after the Flood circa 2670? BC.

---When were the Pyramids built? circa 2550 to 2490 B.C. The pyramids were built by Pharaohs Khufu (tallest), Khafre (background), and Menkaure (front).

---Why were the Tower, Ziggurats and Pyramids built? Hydrophobia.

---Principle: "If we can climb up to God ---He cannot destroy us down here."

---Why do scientists want to go to Mars? Interesting question. "As it was in the days of shall it be in the time of the End".

---The first dynasty of Egypt’s name was Narmer. Almost the same as Nimrod of Genesis.

---The Akkadian warrior in Akkad and Babylon around 2240 BCE was Naram-Suen. Almost the same as Narmer and Nimrod.

---For Narmer and for Naram-Suen there exists a palette and stela of their victories over enemies.

---The iconography (art style and fashion) shows fusion of Mesopotamian and Egyptian motifs just like the Bible is saying about Nimrod.

---Although ruling in Mesopotamia, yet his father was Cush (later from Africa) according to Genesis lesson yesterday.

---The intertwined elongated necks on the Stela of Vultures of Narmer shows similarities to a cuneiform seal with intertwined necks of Tyrannosauruses.

---Why?  They still had a vivid memory of the existence of pre-Flood dinosaurs that were killed in the Flood of 2692 BCE.

---We need to look into the correlation of these three individuals [Nimrod, Narmer, Naram-Suen] with similar phonological names.

---The reality of events should not escape our eyes.

---There is no space for myths, skeptics and spiritualizers of these events. They need to do their homework.


Dr. Doukhan in these lessons brings out the "now" of God in small nuances packed into the bibical "suitcase" specially for all, including us. For every generation.


Enjoy God now with both the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy as your daily guide on your knees with the Guide, the Spirit of the Living God. God is looking now at your response to His interest