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Studying Death, Dying and Future Hope in the series Lesson 7, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: “Many arose with Him as trophies for everlasting life for Morning Manna of the Sabbath School Lesson Death, Dying and Future Hope”.

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---Resurrection phenomenon widespread as Jesus Resurrected Himself with support from the Trinity and an Angel serving as a kind of deacon.

---Widespread means others were also resurrected when Jesus was resurrected on Sunday Morning.

---Non-Adventists need to keep in mind that the Resurrection did not take place on the Lord’s Day, that is, the one He rested Himself at Creation, that is, the one He rested in the grave as well, that is Saturday Sabbath.

---The work of Resurrecting Himself, He left for Sunday Morning. Not the Lord’s Day but called the Lord’s Day since Constantine wanted Christians to worship on the Dies Solis, the day of the Sungod Solis, Sunday. He moved the Lord’s day by force from Saturday to Sunday. What right does a human have to change the Bible and the Lord’s explicit instruction in the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20? You be the judge of the logic and of yourself. Adventist churches are waiting for you to join.

---The veil of the temple was torn to show that the real Lamb of God came and that the Temple of Heaven are from now applicable because the Priest Jesus is going to be people’s Advocate for Atonement in Heaven before the Father in the Holies first, and later in the Most Holy (See Hebrews 9:8). That was in 1844.

---The veil was torn and the earth shaken like an earthquake.

---Says Gerhardus Berkhouwer’s student (of which our Hans Larondelle also graduated from, namely, Adrio König, see, this text is saying that the Eschaton came. Jesus the Eschatos came in 31 AD on the cross. The Old Testament prophecies of phenomena at the End of Time happen on the Cross!

---This kind of reasoning by Reformers we call Realized Eschatology and C. H. Dodd was the speaker for this “Last Days” applied to 31 AD from the 1920’s.

---But it was not widespread over the earth. So those prophecies cannot be applied to 31 AD even though the earth shook in Israel.

---Some people were resurrected says Matthew 27:51-53. And they walked around the city showing themselves to their relatives.

---If your dead Father comes to you and says that he was resurrected and you lived in 31 AD, would you not also proclaim Jesus as remarkable for the rest of you life?

---Since you know it happened, you can start today. Jesus was resurrected for us.

---When Saturday came and Jesus was still in the tomb, Satan was probably smiling with satisfaction. When Saturday night came he was also happy.

---But Sunday morning the smile was gone.

---Agony took over because his destiny was clear to everyone, angels following him and everyone in unfallen worlds all over the Universe.

---And humans resurrected with Him.

---Those who were resurrected in 31 AD was not to die any longer but was to go with Christ to heaven [at Sunday night because He told Mary not to touch Him since He did not go up to His father yet but allowed Thomas later that night to touch Him] as special trophies says Ellen White in concert with some texts in the Bible that actually says this. Ellen White in Desire of Ages 786.

---Lazarus was resurrected by Christ to die again. These 31 AD ones went with Him to heaven Sunday night as trophies.

---Bible is interesting is it not?            

---The Bible witness to you right away. You have to respond right away. You cannot walk away from the Bible the same person. You have to change right now and become also a witness walking around telling people of the risen Savior for them as well. Right?