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Studying Death, Dying and Future Hope in the series Lesson 8, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: “Soon coming of Christ and Bread of Life Yahweh claims of Christ for Morning Manna of the Sabbath School Lesson Death, Dying and Future Hope”.

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---Let us pray: Dear Lord it is Tuesday. It is the day we hold in our hands a book put together by Your Holy Spirit for us of a collection of acts of Your men and women, their wills, their motivation, their transformation, their desires, their dedication, their walking with the Lord, the rejections of the Lord by Satanic controlled individuals and networks.

---Also today, we understand that the Pope will help destroy the world by the program of those socialists who called all famous rich people to come and help them just doing that. To bring anarchy to the world. As Walther Veith preached about it, to fulfill prophecy because we were biblically informed that it will come. Forgive the NAD for it’s rebellion but change their hearts while there is time. And if schism is needed by faithful in that division, be with the faithful to separate and pay their tithes directly to the GC instead of these rebellious administrators structure. For Your words demands it. Jeremiah demands it, Ellen White in Patriarchs and Prophets chapter 61 spelled it out that rebellion is the same as witchcraft and idolatry. So we pray very deeply for all loved ones and friends caught up in that division, the wayward division and its rebellious friends all over the world. Amen.

---The Coming soon of Jesus is proclaimed four times in Revelation.

---Many commentaries of Reformed theology and Catholics are describing the n New Testament authors as expecting the very soon coming of Christ in their day.

---However, the reality of the year-day principle at Qumran, the reality of understanding the impact of this in the Fullness of Time of Galatians by Paul of 490 year prophecy of Daniel 9:24-27, may have made them wonder about the 2300 year prophecy in Daniel 8:14. For some disciples do describe a list of things that should happen first, before Christ can come. Like the prophets did, Christ did in His coming again “orderly pre-agenda”.

---So is the Pope’s event today at Sinai, part of that scenario. If you are a true Adventist historicist. But not if you are a Preterist or Preterist sympathizer, and we have some of them at Loma Linda area, even professors.

---An ex-professor from Andrews University, theological college, whom Gerhard Hasel did not want to teach in the seminary in his days until 1994, said at Riverside Church that they [the rebellious NAD over the 2015 anti-ordination vote of the GC and other Division] that they “should keep the tithes back from the GC,” in 2016. Online facts.

---Peter explained that there is no delay of His coming. Despite Adventist Today cherishing the fatigue of some to make the prophecies nothingness of how Adventist explained the biblical prophecies. It is a liberal newspaper that encourages rebellion against the established Adventist doctrines and church. They write with an agenda.

---We have a short life of 70-90 years or more for some, George Beverly Shea with his 104!

---Then the grave for a blinking moment. Then the Second Advent.

---For Christ to come for the dead, it is very soon. Says A. Timm in the lesson today.

---The Bread of Life sermon in Tuesday’s section explained by Jesus in John 6:22-59, especially 33, 48, 58, 44, 54, 47, 40) tells us three things:

a.     Jesus claimed to be Yahweh by saying egō eimi in Greek (verses 35, 38).

b.     He is powerful to give everlasting life to Whom He wants (verse 35).

c.      He said that His resurrection is in future at His second coming “I will raise him up” (verse 41).

---Are you still a Reformed or Catholic believer or in Judaism denying the coming of the Messiah in Christ Jesus? It is closing time of earth’s history now. Make the decision quickly. Now is the time.