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Studying Death, Dying and Future Hope in the series Lesson 8, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: “Coming with Him those asleep in Jesus for Morning Manna of the Sabbath School Lesson Death, Dying and Future Hope”.

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---“bring with Him those who sleep in Jesus” 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18.

---“See,” says some non-Adventist denominations, “here you have Jesus bringing the immortal souls in heaven down to earth with Him at the Second Coming!”

---The logic and sensibility of the Bible is against this thinking of those denominations.

---If Resurrection is on earth, and Christ is in the middle of the sky, Who came from heaven, and the saints go up carried by angels to meet Jesus and join those who are still alive at the Second Coming, then what?

---They go with Jesus to heaven.

---Whereto is Jesus bringing them? From heaven to earth or from earth to heaven?

---That is the issue that denominations are missing.

---Some of them are teaching that just the immortal souls are in heaven and the Resurrection day is the collection of the bones as well on earth.

---What utter nonsense.

---The Bible does not support any of these strange views.

---The Bible do support a movement of all those who slept in Christ from earth to heaven.

---How did the denominations got here?

---They asked pagans to tell them where the soul of the dead are, who said it is immortal (Egyptians with the immortal ka; a pagan Greek philosopher Plato in chapter 12 of his book The Republic) and then grab here and there a phrase to support what they think should be immortal soul, and then try to squeeze the passage of Scripture to this strange idea.

---Be holistically biblical. The dead knows nothing says Proverbs and Job and other passages.

---Is there a heaven for the souls of dead flies? No. So there is no heaven for dead people while they are asleep.

---Asleep in Christ is to have your name crafted into the memory of the Trinity.

---They know the formula of your DNA!

---So they know you very well.

---In Jesus means that He will remember you. Thief on the Cross: “Remember me when You come in Your glory.”

---Your glory? Second Coming. Come? Second Coming.

---Come in glory later? Because He came in grace at the First Coming.

---Christ had all the time de iure glory. He will have de facto glory at the closing of the Door of Mercy in future. So He will come in glory at the Second Coming. The thief on the cross had it right.

---How about you?

---Is it not time to drop these strange ideas of other churches. Drop their Pagan plus Bible mix ideas and follow the Bible in a more sober way?

---The Bible is not just a book written by ancient men.

---It is the Word of God collected by the Editor the Holy Spirit. All examples cover all the sins and victories of all kinds of people, from psychos and killers to great Agape lovers of the Trinity.

---There is room in God’s family for everyone.

---You too.

---Do not delay. Say now. “I want to be part of the family of God. Now”.