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Studying On Death Dying and the Future Hope in the series Lesson 10, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: "Worm that does not die for Morning Manna of the Sabbath School Lesson On Death Dying and the Future Hope.

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God"

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---Our lesson topic today is “immortal worms”.

---Isaiah 66:24 which is in the “heavenly” state of the righteous mentions the wicked that “their worm does not die” cited by Jesus in Mark 9:48.

---While the process of burning is taking place and worms chew on the decay bodies, no fireman can extinguish Hell’s fire. 911 will not work that day.

---No interception of the extermination process will prevent that extermination process.

---So why do Isaiah mention this imagery and why do Jesus cite Isaiah?

---Why did the Holy Spirit as editor of the Bible chose to include this imagery.

---Where did Isaiah get this descriptive language from?

---The Egyptians greatest fear after death was that worms will chew on the decompose body.

---So they roll up the body with all kinds of material and paint it with all kinds of gum in order to prevent the worms of getting to body. Mummification, we call it.

---Thutmosis III, the pharaoh of the Exodus is an example. In March of 1450 BCE Moses led Israel through the Red Sea.

---Thutmosis III, the “Napoleon of Egypt” followed in the front with his soldiers chariots in the back.

---He was washed away and never found.

---But his tomb was prepared, his coffin prepared and the only body they could use was the oldest son who also died that night, about 35 years old.

---We know it is 35 years old because the X-Ray plates of the Oriental Institute of Chicago where the mummy is, said so. But the real Thutmosis III was born when Moses was 12, so he was in his late sixties or early seventies.

---So back to the worm.

---Concern for the body of Thutmosis III made Amenhotep II, his second and younger son, who took the throne that morning when the sun came up, to write a letter and place it on the body of the oldest brother’s mummy.

---It is citations from the Book of the Dead cursing the worms not to eat the body of his father.

---Almost the whole letter is about cursing the worms.

---The agony in Egypt in the days that follow 1450 BCE Exodus of Israel, can be seen in this letter.

---The whole of the Levant knew about Egypt’s fear for worms of decay.

---The fear is shared by other big nations around Israel as well.

---At Niniveh about 40 years after Isaiah was martyred by king Mannaseh, they had a clay tablet in the library at Niniveh which is called the “Incantation of the Worm”.

---It is a curse the dentist pronounced to a worm that is causing cavities in the teeth of humans.

---This particular worm of this text said the same words that Lucifer said in Isaiah 14:12-14 desiring to go up to the throne of God.

---He was given fruit to eat as the lowest of all creatures but desired to eat humans’ gums.

---So the Assyrians and Babylonians also had a concern for worms and how to deal with it.

---This wicked fear of the worm is included in the Hell imagery of Isaiah, Mark, and Jesus.

---Is this a bit clearer?