Studying Death, Dying and Future Hope in the series Lesson 11, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: “What about Hinduism and Buddhism clinging to Reincarnation ideas and the Bible for Morning Manna of the Sabbath School Lesson Death, Dying and Future Hope”.

Edition is on page 140 and for the laymen edition or Standard Edition, on page 91.

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---Reincarnation is a favorite afterlife thought of Hindus who said that when the person dies it goes through aquatics, then plants, then reptiles then insects then birds then animals, then human beings and then residents of heaven.  

---Jesus died only once and all human beings dies only once (Hebrews 9:27) blocks anyone who believes in reincarnation right here.

---Reincarnation theory is not biblical but psychological attempts to put wishes above the Bible. The wish to keep living rather than ask the Bible what it says.

---There are other doctrines that people overlook in the Bible as well: the ability to be perfect on earth before Jesus come or the total overcome concepts of the Bible. Why? They cling to Calvinism as the attacker of Andrew Kang is doing online against him insisting on Status in heaven only when the Bible and Adventism has a combo approach: Status and Growth in sanctification, holiness and perfection, with the Spirit in us enabling and succeed. Is Jesus successful with you through His Spirit. Paul says yes. What do you say?

---If you do not have Adventism Salvation 4.1 you are not fully biblical. You are confessional clinging to the Heidelberg Confession which supports Sunday keeping replacing Sabbath Keeping.

---Is it better to be outside the Bible and saving yourself by self-sensibleness?

---No. It is time to say, I am going to follow the Bible completely. Not half-heartedly. Not play dodge-ball with the Bible.

---The Bible says: Christ will help you overcome temptations. Some argue, no, it is only 99% successful not 100%. Every time temptation is in progress with you, pray Romans 13:14 “be clothed with the Lord Jesus Christ” and immediately the Trinity rescue you from the temptation. It is like electrical impulses throughout one’s body. Try it.

---Are you going to listen or cling to Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism still?

---It is time to join the family of God clinging to be Bible views as nearly all of your Pioneers did between 1844-1900 as Erik Zackary indicated in his doctoral at Andrews University of 1984 in his conclusion at the end about them.