Adventism and the Book of Hebrews short talk

---The context talking about Hebrews really means that Calvinism is Salvation 1.1 and Armenianism is Salvation 2.1 and Wesleyanism is Salvation 3.1 but Adventism with a combo of Status and Growth and Hebrews on Sanctuary is Salvation 4.1.

---Where is Christ in all of the Book of Hebrews? Everywhere since because He came to die in 31 AD He stopped the earthly sanctuary of the Jews with the curtain that was torn while on the cross.

---What happened to the sanctuary? Jews did not know it and kept going until it was destroyed in 70 AD. Christ entered the real heavenly Sanctuary that is real because John saw it as real in Revelation.

---Especially Hebrews chapter’s 7-10 is overlooked by most other denominations. Not Adventists. It is the comparisons of the earthly sanctuary and Christ’s work between 31 AD and the end of the 2300 days as years in Daniel 8:14, or 1844.

---Then He went into the Most Holy to the ark of covenant area, according to the Book of Hebrews in Hebrews 9:8.

---There is no other church that is teaching the Sanctuary Message as Adventists are doing. The heavenly sanctuary continuing Ministry of Christ. Is that not nice?

---Atonement was began on the cross and guilt removal ability was attained with the death of the Lamb of God in the outer court area.

---Then Atonement process moved into the Holies says Hebrews 8 and 9.

---Enabling grace allows sinners to move growth and sanctification through the Ministry of the First Apartment. Paul liked to talk about this in all his letters, like Romans 8.

---Then at the end of the 2300 years calculated from 457 BC ending in 1844, Christ did not come to earth but from the First Apartment to the Second to remove the Stigma of saints’ sins.

---Get the order of Atonement: Atonement with Guilt removal at the cross in 31 AD. Atonement with Power of sin removal in the First Apartment with the Holy Spirit help signified between 31 AD-1844. Atonement of the removal of the Stigma in Heavenly Books of sins of the saints since 1844.

What about the Second Coming to the Hell of a 1000 years? Atonement of removal of tears from saints eyes as Revelation is saying.

---What about the Hell? It is Atonement of the final complete removal and extinction of all evil. Period. Ready for a New Creation and Eternity. Atonement finally complete.

---Is it not fantastic that there is a church that is not dodging biblical concepts? If you are not belonging to this family, you need navigation in Google to bring you to the nearest Adventist Church in your area. Right now.