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Studying Managing for the Master until He comes in the series Lesson 5 may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: "Debt here and debtless in Jesus for offerings how you feel for Morning Manna in the Sabbath School Series Managing for the Master until He comes

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God"

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---Do you know that it is sometimes an advantage to live in a shelter?

---It is sometimes an advantage to be poor?

---What is the difference between rich and poor?

---Almost no difference. The rich owe a lot and the poor owes nothing.

---The rich are heavily in debt to pay off the BMW and the poor owes nothing on the garbage pick-up bicycle.

---Debt is the disease of the rich. Shelter people do not have this.

---Debt is secular-theology’s “sin” that you have to work for your secular “salvation”.

---Very rich people want to get richer, so they lend their money but not without charging percentages added.

---Their eyes are on that extra percentage.

---Secular image is a brain disease of the rich. The shiny car of mine needs to be more expensive than my neighbors or friends.

---People need to look at me and respect me.

---They need to stand back when I come to make space for me to walk freely.

---They want to be given VIP treatment anywhere, everywhere, always, otherwise they are not interested. And they are.

---That is why they go into debt. Debt for the house, car, clothes, food, digital devices.

---Secular image display is what is eating their pockets.

---They buy what they really do not need.

---“I like” and they buy.

---Debt goes up.

---The shelter person searches in the pockets for a coin. Then they say, “I have this now, what food can one buy with this?”

---They buy something that they can cook on a tripod over the fire with water and salt.

---But they do not have debt.

---Rich man poor man. There is some advantage in been poor. For sure.

---Spiritually all are poor unless one is wrapped in Jesus’ Righteousness. Clothe yourself with the Lord Jesus Christ Paul says in Romans 13:14. How much? Heaven paid with it. God died for it. Now He offers it free. To whom? You too.

---Shelter man or Villa mansion man, all are indebted to Jesus for what He has done for us. He is building mansions in Heaven for us, each one. Get ready for He is coming to take us to better homes.

---“A shelter or cottage or palace, what shall I care” Charles Bradford preached to pastors in his 2015 sermon on “I wish I had a praying church”.

---So you grab your Bible. You are a child of the Great Bank Manager in heaven. You owe Him only recognition and smile to Him in your prayers. And His angels are giving you wings in your body and happiness in the brain.

---You are heaven’s treasure. Debtless in Jesus. You need Him. Now.