Salvation, Sanctification, Atonement, Perfection of Character the True Adventist Way


There are many who try to explain Salvation in the thinking of our pioneers and Ellen White and in our General Conference. Or their understanding of the Bible the Reformers way, Luther, Calvin, etc.

So who should we read?

George Knight? Jack Provonsha? Edward Heppenstall? Hans Larondelle? Dennis Priebe? Doug Batchelor? Herbert Douglas? Andrew Kang?

Stop asking questions.

Wander or wonder no more.

Just use the Third Quarter of 1955 Sabbath School Lesson Book series that will answer all your questions.

Who is right and who is wrong? Easy to see. Just follow this Sabbath School Lesson book.

Here is the download and the Holy Spirit brought you this far. Now you have a General Conference publication to judge the individual authors by. Right?

Pray for the Lord to give you the courage to set your prejudices aside. Say to the Lord, that if you discover that they have misled you in any way, you are sorry but want to keep to what this lesson will lead you to.

God will help you. Definitely. Right now start working and reading. Download the pdf to your smartphone and when you have a free time. Read it. Drink in the words. Awesome.

If those scholars did not read or study this lesson book, they need to rewrite or reconsider what they said. God help us all. Amen.