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Studying Managing for the Master till He comes in the series Lesson 11, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: Do not reject His prophets for Morning Manna of the Sabbath School Lesson Managing for the Master till He comes.

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God".

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---“Believe in the Lord your God and you shall be established or be stable, believe His prophets and you shall prosper or be successful” 2 Chronicles 20:20.

---Who is the author of this history? Professor Isaiah of the Palace Archives who was not only writing books on the History of Israel and Judah but also was a prophet.

---He wrote history with the Spirit of God not without Him. He wrote and the Spirit edited what he wrote. Nice right?

---Believe Him in everything you do.

---The topic today is not to talk long whining against those who have suspicion on Ellen White and her works.

---Those like George Knight who teaches that she “developed” in her mind and sometimes said things which she later reject. That she was “growing”. That there are two or three Ellen Whites. The early one and the later one.

---That her English was better later than earlier. Since she was not schooled enough.

---But let us not talk about these interpreters by suspicion historians of late.

---These are the ones who left the pastoral work, left the church, studied at non-Adventist universities and came back to educate Adventists but this time with the baggage they picked up from the Canaanites.

---Bringing soft-core “Baalism” into the church.

---It is wrong to study at a non-SDA university? No. But you have to fight the battle of academic faith in every paragraph you write because you are in the hallways of the Devil himself.

---You have to be a better Adventist than the Adventists at our own schools.

---Otherwise you accommodate the truth, mix it, substitute your doctrines, erase the true path with nonsense. Believe me, Satan is good at that.

---Said my professor at the non-SDA university for me in his office, a Calvinist “When I sit in church I preach the Bible as the Word of God---but when I stand in the class I cut the book to pieces”.

---I said to him immediately: “It is academic schizophrenia”. He laughed. But it is sad. Right?

---Any of these professors coming from those churches and lose about Adventism when they studied there and now want to teach you about Higher-, lower-, source-, gender-, redaction-, narrative-, literature-criticism, is following Julius Wellhausen who was born in 1844.

---He was honest enough in 1883 to resign from a seminary because he became agnostic and atheistic and could not but cut the Bible to pieces and became the father of Higher-criticism and all the related –isms until modern times.

---But Protestant seminaries use him and want to declare wrong as right.

---Can you now see the danger?

---Welcome to a non-SDA seminary. All denominations do it except Adventism.

---Especially if it is the General Conference Sabbath School lesson quarterly of 1955, you have peace of mind for its clarity on the topic of Salvation.

---But then…they came from Calvinistic seminaries…and they swallowed …instead of defending.

---Where can I find the true Adventist theology? As long as it is not one of these recent ones. A traveler was meeting a scholar from Alexandria on Homer the Greek author at Pella in Jordan in the time of the Ptolemees around 167 BC asking: “Where can I find a good edition of Homer?” Answered the scholar: “As long as it is not one of these recent ones”. I read it in M. Frazer book Ptolemaic Alexandria.

---Where can I find a good scholar on Ellen White? As long as it is not one of these recent ones…

---When your professor says in class: “Do not use Ellen White in your dissertation because she is not exegetical but homiletical”. Oops. Danger. Red Card.

---Why? Because even though I studied at a non-SDA university, their seminary permitted Eric Webster to cite Ellen White anywhere, unlimited in his dissertation!

---He is now 97 years old and still healthy and strong. Had Covid with his wife but because they were vegetarians could go home after two weeks.

---Are you still with me?

---It is time to believe His prophets. Is it not?

---It is a time to be dangerously faithful.

---Are you? Is your professor? If he does not want to correct him or herself, study, pray and stick to your faithful truth position though the heavens fall.

---When? Now.