The morning Manna will be provided at 6am. Thanks.

Studying Managing for the Master till He comes in the series Lesson 13, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: Shining brightly as Jesus will be shining when He comes for Morning Manna of the Sabbath School Lesson Managing for the Master till He comes.

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God".

The Sabbath School Quarterly, downloadable from in the Teacher's Edition is on page 154+ and for the teacher’s edition or Standard Edition, on page 100+.

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---Ablaze with His glory. We shine because He shines so bright. That is what it means.

---The One Who is coming to take us to heaven will be Christ.

---The One Who died on the cross after a sinless perfect life yet fallen nature just like us, keeping the law of God perfectly to demo that we can too, is Christ.

---The One Who sent us the power to also overcome after we accepted Him in faith, after an operation of conversion of the will, total surrender, humble kneeling at the cross in thanks, is Christ’s sending of the Holy Spirit to earth.

---The Two Who work for us in heaven right now are Christ (Advocate on our behalf) and Father (Our Judge).

---The One Who works in us on earth is the Holy Spirit. Cannot be seen, but He is there and His results can be seen in the lives of people.

---The one who tries to break the gospel, destroy people’s lives to be cut out of the opportunity to transfer to heaven from this sinful earth, is Satan and his demons.

---The one who has the choice to say: I want to be an atheist (G. Hegel, F. Nietzsche. K. Marx, F. Engels, S. Freud, C. Jung) or follow Him all the way (like Luther, Calvin, Wesley, W. Miller, and the pioneers and Ellen White and you!)

---You too. Right? When? Choose now. Freedom to choose and eternity available immediately. Listed in a heavenly book.

---“Lord,” said David in Psalm 56, “You have a book in heaven. Do you also have a bottle with all my tears?”

---Tears? I cried with you. Says God. “And Jesus wept”. Got it? Our hairs are counted by Christ. Our tears too. Sorry David.

---Carl Jung was an atheist Psychologist who was involved in Zen-Buddhism. Now you know. In a lecture reviewing F. Nietzsche and his book Zarathustra, he said in the 1930’s “Though he [atheist Nietzsche who said God is dead] rejected the church, he was at least an atheist. Which means” says Carl Jung “which means a good Catholic”.

---Jung said that Catholics are absolute and the alternative is atheism. Protestants are relative and the alternative is variable [just going to another movement or sect].

---Jung said that there is no difference between the atheist outside the walls of the church or the Catholic inside the walls of the church. They have the same minds.

---Choice. Choice makes the difference. Choose Whom you and your house wants to worship. But I and my house, we will worship the Lord.

---Lord is His truth, His Seventh-day Sabbath and not Constantine’s Sun-day. Baptized adult as He was. Washing feet before Lord’s Supper as He did “Do it as many times remembering Me”.

---Are you still within the walls of a church that actually denies the Lordship of God the way I listed above?

---Wrong address. Get out. You do not want to be an atheist inside the walls of the wrong church. Do you?

---Siegfried Freud was wrapped up with Hinduism. On his 75th birthday the Hinduism Psycho-analytical Society of India sent Freud a gift of a statue of Varna (white snakes?).

---Modern Psychology is sick with a-religion. Religion and God is a phantasy, said Freud.

---What should I do now that I am an atheist? A young person asked on the internet. The devil answered. “Don’t worry, you are free from fragile faith. The gaps that fragile faith created are filled with similar-minded people in order to prop them up. You are free of that and them”.

---Suicide is the next step for this person following the devil.

---The atheist Psychologist Jung said that if a person said “I am an atheist” he is actually admitting that God exist and he merely choose to live as if He is not existing. To make himself feeling better, Jung said that an atheist is actually a better Christian. Do I hear Satan’s voice here?

---What is the solution for proper Psychologists? Get a Christian Psychologist and there are many of them in the Bible belt of the USA. Look for them. They are there. They do not follow Freud and Jung and these atheists. They have proper biblical values. Look for them.

---So where should I go but to the Lord. Right. Now. Grab your Smartphone and navigate to the right church.