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Studying Three Cosmic Messages in the series Lesson 9, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: "Many Babylons literally in biblical times for Morning Manna of the Sabbath School Lesson Three Cosmic Messages”.

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God"

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---Two contrasting systems: truth and error. Two ways: broad and narrow.

---Two cities: Jerusalem and Babylon. Heavenly Jerusalem or Heavenly Zion and its opposition on earth, Babylon.

---Truth in every generation. Heavenly Jerusalem in every generation. Babylon or error in every generation.

---Same principles for truth and the same principles for error. In every generation.

---Many generations, many Babylons.

---Many Babylons? Is historical Nebuchadnezzar style Babylon not the historical Babylon only?


---Stephanie Dalley in 2005 presented her findings on the topic of Babylon in other cities including Niniveh. What! Niniveh is called Babylon? Yes, said this cuneiformist Assyrologist in her paper.


See page 25 and further.

---The bottomline of her research: Niniveh was called Babylon, and Borsippa, Eridu (Dalley 2005: 25), Ku’ara, Kish, Kullab.

---With these cities the most ancient cities of Mesopotamia became Babylons, Dalley found. Adventists are you awake?

---What was the hallmark of Babylon, as Dalley found it? The following:

a.      The original city itself may be known as Babylon (for example Eridu)

b.     It may give its name to a quarter of Babylon proper for example Eridu, Kullab and Ku’ara.

c.      Babylon proper may contain a temple of the city patron god like Marduk where rites specific to the original city are performed for example Kullab and Borsippa.

d.     The city may be the place where kingship was first received from heaven like the cities Eridu, Ku’ara and Kish. That is what the SKL or Sumerian King List said or read.

e.      The Babylonian Epic of Creation VI dates from the year 650 BC from Niniveh Library and it reads that when Bel the god built Babylon, he invited the other gods to a banquet and said to them: “Indeed, Babylon is your home too”. (Dalley, 2005: 26) Thus, Adventists, pluralism or ecumenism. Right? From the start long before Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon.

f.       Babylon used principles established in Nippur and Ashur took it over! The system of error has children! Posterity! Global posterity. Right?

g.     Marduk in Babylon’s temple was modelled after Enlil’s temple in Nippur from the time of Tukulti Ninurta in 1207 BC!

h.     The “King of Kish” of that city, early in history was called “King of the World” and the Akkadian word kiššatu meant “totality”.

---The cuneiform text Chronicle of Early Kings read “Sargon II…dug up soil from a clay-pit of Babylon and built a replica of Babylon next to Akkad”. It was considered an “abomination”. And that Marduk the Babylonian god became angry.

---Outside the city of Assur Sennacherib built a New Year Temple in 691 BC and wrote on its doors the citation from the Epic of Creation but instead of Marduk or Anšar as the name of the god of the Creation event, he changed the name to Aššur. This reworking of the Babylonian epic to Assyriolize it, upset the Babylonians very much. Sennacherib upset the Babylonians so much that in 689 BC he had to destroy Babylon very vehemently out of control. Sennacherib was not normal for some time already. Mental deterioration.

---So, if other empire’s capital cities were all Babylon, and borrowed Babylonian practices for their cities as well, then they all became drunk with the same errors. Right?

---In Acts a citation is made of Amos mentioning the city of Damascus but in the sermon it is called Babylon.

---Peter called Rome Babylon in his letter at the end.

---Let us wrap it up: Every empire since the beginning of man had a main capital and that main capital was the “gate of the gods” or Bab-ilu. DINGIR.KA.RA or KA.DINGIR.RA

---Application for contemporary times: Ur is Babylon in 2004 BC when it fell. Isin was Babylon, Ashur was Babylon, Niniveh was Babylon, Babylon was Babylon, Susa was Babylon, Athens was Babylon, Rome was Babylon, Vatican was Babylon since 538-1798. [New York?] is Babylon for the USA empire?

---Who said this? The Stephanie Dalley principle based on cuneiform studies up to 2005 mixed with historicism of Adventism until 1954 when the spiritualization of vv. 36-45 in Daniel 11 was introduced by many. From literal before to spiritual now after verse 36.

---But is the spiritual involvement of the papal system a reality in the USA? Both. Literal and spiritual. Literal for Daniel 11:36-45. Spiritual for Revelation 12 and 17.