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Studying Three Cosmic Messages in the series Lesson 10, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: Immortality of the soul and Sennacherib’s problem for Morning Manna of the Sabbath School Lesson Three Cosmic Messages.

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God".

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---After people die the pastor keep telling everyone that he is fine now in the arms of Jesus or among the angels in heaven very happy.

---The pastor then stand next to the coffin and body going down into the grave and throw sand on it and says: “Dust to dust, rest in peace until the second coming”. What!

---Did you miss it? Soul is in heaven but body must rest until Jesus comes. Two persons? One is split now in two at funeral?

---If the soul is in heaven, why must it return to the body in the future? What is the purpose of leaving the body here?

---People have strange ideas about death.

---Immortality is Satan’s phrase.

---You shall not die. He said to Eve in Genesis 3. Right?

---So Sennacherib’s father who was a murderer who assassinated Shalmanezer V and became king, died in battle.

---He just built his own new city called Dūr Sharrukīn meaning “fortress of Sargon”.

---Just the previous year he inaugurated it.

---Now he is dead but, they never found his body. Oops!

---Sennacherib, his son, name meant: “the god Sin has replaced the brothers”. He became ruler immediately in 705 BC. Isaiah and Hezekiah was still alive.

---Hezekiah was king of Jerusalem. Isaiah was also there. Both their seals or bullae of their seals were found through archeology at the south side of the Temple. Great!

---But Sennacherib was worried. If his father cannot be found, his ghost will walk around at night looking for his body!

---Then Sennacherib moved his capital to Niniveh and built his palace there.

---Scared of the wandering soul or spirit of his father the murderer.

---So he decided that he should appease the god of death, Nergal by renovating his temple. So is the finding of E. Frahm.

---It had bad effects on his psycho development. He actually deteriorated bit by bit.

---After the destruction of Lachish in 690/689 BC he became totally nuts.

---This is the problem if you play with spiritism.

---What is spiritism? Harry Potter stuff. Magic, supernatural appearances, and all this is the soft-core Satanism.

---Hard-core Satanism is the worship of Satan in dark places.

---What happened to Sennacherib also happened to Thutmosis III on the morning of the Exodus.

---He washed away in the Red Sea and his body was never found.

---So the oldest brother who died at midnight, about 35 years old, was put in the sarcophagi of his father.

---Wrapped around his mummy was a copy of the Book of the Dead. The lines were translated. The next brother who became Pharaoh, wrote that he hope the worms will be kind to his father’s body!

---They also believed that the ka or soul flies to the heavenly Nile to ride a boat with the Sungod at night through 12 gates.

---The body must be mummified not to rotten. Thutmosis III did not have that luxury. Agony was in Egypt. Again playing with immortality of the soul.

---Are you not an Adventist and going to a church that teaches spirits and souls living after death? Get out, it is the wrong church. When. Right now. Call the Adventist pastor because the truth is that death is like a sleep. Knowing nothing until Resurrection morning when Christ comes. Got it?