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Studying Three Cosmic Messages in the series Lesson 10, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: "Wrap it up with Plato on Immortality which he got from the Egyptians for Morning Manna of the Sabbath School Lesson Three Cosmic Messages”.

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God."

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---When Plato’s teacher Socrates died on the 15th of February 399 BC, Plato and his friends fled to other cities and eventually to Egypt.

---He studied there presumably for a number of years, but scholars are not certain about the reality of this. Famous scholars do say he studied there.

---We never hear Plato say that the body has a soul.

---But, after his visit to learn under the priests of Egypt presumably at Heliopolis, we suddenly find Plato talking about the soul of man that is immortal!

---Why? For Egyptians the soul was called ka and the ka was immortal. So while the Great Pyramid of Giseh has a place for the sarcophagi and mummified body to lay in the middle of the triangle of the pyramid, from there tunnels go up on two side to the top. Why? So that the immortal ka can travel in and out when it wants.

---So in 375 BC Plato wrote The Republic. When? After the Egyptian education under the priests with their Egyptian theology of the immortality of the soul. Right?

---But then in Book X at paragraph 608 just before paragraph 609, of The Republic, Plato said that he believed in the immortality of the soul. Explicitly.

---His friend thought that you cannot prove it.

---Plato said that he can. Plato then talked about evil, death, murder, sin that cannot destroy the soul but it can destroy the body. Good will never destroy the soul, Plato said. So he felt that he proved the immortality of the soul.

---Wow, Plato, visiting Egypt you picked up your garbage ideas of Immortality of the Soul from them and put it on a plate for your own people at Athens.

---They swallowed it and when the books of Athens were stolen by the Romans and taken there to their state libraries, the ideas were continued.

---And Christians studying in the Roman Libraries took it over and imported it into their thinking.

---Augustine was a regular reader of Plato. Occasionally the Bible.

---Plato: “All things that perish are destroyed by some inherent evil” and Augustine liked this very much for his doctrines of Original Sin. Now you know.

---Is your church teaching still the immortality of the soul. You must get to a proper church.

---You cannot say, but God is a loving God and will not keep it against people for holding this view.

---He did. With Eve in the Garden of Eden and we still suffer. Right? And Christ died for this simple matter.

---So get out. You do not want to be naïve like Eve. Right. When? Now.