Plato on Immortality which he got from the Egyptians 

Source: B. Jowett, The Republic of Plato. Oxford.

Page 324 of Book X at paragraph 608 just before paragraph 609 and further of course.


Plato: Are you not aware, I said, that the soul of man is immortal and imperishable

Friend of Plato, Glaucon: He looked at me in astonishment, and said No, by heaven: And are you really prepared to maintain this?

Plato: Yes, I said, I ought to be, and you too there is no difficulty in proving it.

Friend of Plato, Glaucon: I see a great difficulty; but I should like to hear you state this argument of which you make so light.

Plato: Listen then.

Friend of Plato, Glaucon: I am attending.

Plato: There is a thing which you call good and another whichyou call evil?

Friend of Plato, Glaucon: Yes, he replied.

Plato: Would you agree with me in thinking that the corrupting and destroying element is the evil, and the saving and improving element the good?

Friend of Plato, Glaucon: Yes.

---And they continue talking like this, but notice that Plato proves nothing. He just assumes immortality. Assume.