Adventist People-power for Managerial Positions: Who should we hire in South Korea?


Some wisdom will be given here.

Notice that I have not majorly worked for the Adventist Establishment during my career but for Government Universities. And also in the Private Sector Education. That is my experience and that is my understanding of Labor Conditions for Hiring in the South Korean and Japan setting.


Question: Who should we hire for our managerial Administrative and Teaching positions at Sahmyook University?


Question: Who should not be hired in the South Korean Union?

1.     if the wives or spouse of the person to be hired, is living outside and cannot join in South Korea, do not hire.

2.     who does not have a valid Korean Citizen-Card, do not hire for any Union Institution including Sahmyook University, anyone, Korean or other,


---Foreign Citizenship only holders should not be given managerial positions. Why?

---They do not have the same velocity in their passion and empathy and sympathy with the locals even if they can speak the language or were citizens years before.

---Their tax systems are different.

---Their property size and privileges and rights and benefits are different.

---Their poverty benefits by their foreign government is not the same as the South Korean benefits.

---Their retirement benefits in their country is different than in South Korea.

---They will not have the same understanding of the needs and dreams and stress that their citizens in comparison are experiencing.

---Their phone-call is constantly back home in their own country to “keep business as usual” there and they do not understand properly the South Korean need impact of the citizens, poor, retired, jobless, handicapped locally.

3.     If some were hired already in those positions, do not rehire after the period. Weed them out. Hire them on a two-year contract basis only.

4.     They [No Korean Citizenship Worker] should not be in a position where they can affect or put in effect any policy of the Institution or University.

5.     Their input and contribution must always be supervised and evaluated from all angles to see what the local impact or consequences can or will be.

6.     Some Foreigner Citizen holders receive a 100% double pension benefit pay system. Every dollar they put in will be supplied a dollar from the South Korean government. This is not all countries but there are those listed countries.

7.     There are well-trained Korean citizens with adequate education and experience that can do the functions just as well.

8.     Sahmyook University should not be just a dumping-yard for Korean-speaking Foreigners with no South Korean Citizenship Card to get a job after been terminated in their own country, regardless of how high the position was in that country.


It is my understanding that if this wisdom is followed, much of our problems regarding biblical values, doctrines, objectives, requirements, education content, evangelistic objectives and missiological results will be better.

Similar sentiments were known already to Gottfried Oosterwahl for the African Continent. Right?