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Studying Three Cosmic Messages in the series Lesson 11, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: "Those who follow the lamb and a 1580 description of Revelation 13 for Morning Manna of the Sabbath School Lesson Three Cosmic Messages”.

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God."

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---Luther died in 1546 and Calvin in 1564. In 1580 Jacobus Brocardus published his book with notes on the Book of Revelation.

---1580. When did Adventists start? 1844. Ok.

---So when Brocardus came to chapter 12 of Revelation, he said that the 1260 days are 1260 years.

---“Re petit tempus 1260 annorum.” Page 286 of his book. Translated: “He claims a period of 1260 years.” Hello!

---So who is the first beast of Revelation 13?

---Let Brocardus tell you in 1580 in the same book of his:

Original Latin Progressus Papatus describitur, atq; Antichristicus eius status cónfirmatus ætate quinta per Carolum magnum. ut suprema authoritas in Ecclesia, & in populo Christiano esset penes Papam.

Translation in English The advance of the Papacy is described, and atq [as well as]; his antichrist status was confirmed in the fifth century by Charlemagne, that the highest authority in the Church, and in the Christian people, would belong to the Pope.

Translation in Korean 교황권의 진보가 묘사되고, atq [뿐만 아니라]; 그의 적그리스도적 지위는 5세기에 샤를마뉴(Charlemagne) 의해 교회와 기독교인의 최고 권위가 교황에게 속한다는 사실을 확인했습니다.

Translation in German Der Vormarsch des Papsttums wird beschrieben, und atq [sowie]; Sein antichristlicher Status wurde im fünften Jahrhundert von Karl dem Großen bestätigt, dass die höchste Autorität in der Kirche und im christlichen Volk dem Papst gehören würde.

Translation in French L'avancée de la papauté est décrite, et atq [ainsi que] ; son statut d'antéchrist a été confirmé au cinquième siècle par Charlemagne, que la plus haute autorité dans l'Église et dans le peuple chrétien appartiendrait au pape.

Translation in Afrikaans Die vooruitgang van die Pousdom word beskryf, en atq [asook]; sy antichrisstatus is in die vyfde eeu deur Karel die Grote bevestig, dat die hoogste gesag in die Kerk, en in die Christenmense, aan die Pous sou behoort.

Translation in Japanese の進明されており、[]。彼の反キリストの地位は5世紀にカル大帝によって確認され、教会とキリスト徒の最高威は皇にすることになった

Translation in Russian Описано продвижение папства и atq [а также]; его статус антихриста был подтвержден в пятом веке Карлом Великим, что высшая власть в церкви и в христианском народе будет принадлежать папе.

Translation in Chinese 描述了步, atq [以及];他基督的地位在五世理曼大帝证实教会和基督人民的最高将属

Translation in Spanish Se describe el avance del Papado, y atq [así como]; su condición de anticristo fue confirmada en el siglo V por Carlomagno, que la máxima autoridad en la Iglesia, y en el pueblo cristiano, pertenecería al Papa.

---Unbelievable. Right? God does not sleep. He has His workers in every generation.

---Why did we not know about this? Their books were hidden after closed doors in the Middle Ages or burnt. Only through internet we can get access to them now.

---So what is your church saying about Revelation 13?

---You know where to find the true church. The Sabbathschool talked about this also by Mark Finley.

---So your smartphone is ready to make an arrangement with the taxi in town to take you on Saturday to the right church at 9h30. Right? See you there.

Source for:  Jacobus Brocardus in Apocalypsim

(Lugduni Batavorum, Apud Andream Schutenum, Anno M D. LXXX = 1580)