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Studying Ephesians in the series Lesson 13, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: “Ephesians 6 prayer to AI (Artificial Intelligence) or the TI (Truth Intelligence) for Morning Manna of the Sabbath School Lesson Ephesians”.

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God."

The Sabbath School Quarterly, downloadable from in the Teacher's Edition is on page 166 and 171-174 in the Teacher’s edition (alternative one below).

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---Or try in alternative this one:

---It is a spiritual battle. So prayer continuously is essential says Paul. For the all the saints and for himself in jail and his defense in the court with mad Nero.

---Battle Field prayers were very common.

---In 675 BC the mass media provided Esarhaddon the son of the murdered Sennacherib with rumors of Taharqa’s actions in Egypt and his emotions were disturbed.


---Because he was religious, he felt the State needs to consult Religion.

---Esarhaddon felt that he needs to ask the gods whether he should go to battle or not.

---These queries to the gods were translated and transliterated by Ivan Starr in 1990 and we learn the following:

---Esarhaddon wanted to go war in Egypt against Taharqa.

---He felt that he should ask the gods.

---Esarhaddon consulted the god Shamash for an answer by offering a ram.

---The Highpriest asked the god the question about the success of his future campaign to Egypt?

---He pleaded in the prayer with a series of ritual formulas that pleads the god not to be disturbed regarding imperfection of any aspect of the ritual.

a.      That the god will not be angry about the request

b.     That the god will disregard it if an unclean person touched the sacrifice

c.      That the highpriest may be unclean will be overlooked

d.     That the ram may be faulty will be overlooked by the god

e.      That the one who touch the ram at the head is dressed in ordinary clothes and made himself imperfect by eating beforehand anything unclean

f.       That the god will disregard that the priest is in ordinary clothes, or had fear during the night or is speaking by improper sounds

---All these taboos will prevent the god from saying a good answer.

---The god said positively that Esarhaddon will win.

---Esarhaddon ran out of the temple and told all to sign up for battle against Egypt.

---In Egypt, according to the Babylonian Chronicle Esarhaddon was defeated in the seventh year on the 5th day of the month Adar, in 674 BC.

---At Ashkelon he suffered defeat.

---When they lost this “Holy War” the ordinary people were asking the question: “Did the high priest misinterpreted the oracles or did the king sinned?”

---Of course the correct answer is both. There are no gods with ability to see the future. The high priest misinterpreted. The king killed his whole FBI of those days and replaced them with point eunuchs in every city responsible to him.

---He had the fear to be assassinated like his father Sennacherib.

---The king got letters from astrologers, physicians, exorcists, haruspices asking whether the gods are crazy?

---In Amos 3:14; 2:8; 5:25, 26 and Micah 5:11 God is forbidding actions like this.

---So the wrong prayers to the wrong god brings troubles to a nation and its rulers. Correct?

---What is the right solution? Do not pray to gods. Do not include God together with other gods. God do not tolerate other gods besides Himself since there is no other. That is why Satan is Satan.

---So in this spiritual battle, pray continuously for victory against who? Satan and his cronies and devices.

---Do you get a Satanic AI? Of course. Should we consult the AI for our daily questions? Answer: No. Ask the TI which is the Truth Intelligence, the only One in the universe. Correct?

---Artificial Intelligence is not God because God is Truth Intelligence and the only correct One. That is the point.