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Studying Mission in the series Lesson 6, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: “Mission is waiting for the Latter Rain amids apostacy and splitting for Morning Manna of the Sabbath School Lesson Mission”.

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God."

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---We are waiting for the Latter Rain. Why Latter rain? Because there was an early rain.

---Rain? Yes, the outpouring of the Spirit was compared to an early and latter rain.

---In the last days, Joel the prophet saw and wrote, the Holy Spirit will be poured out on all flesh. How many? All.

---Why? It is the last chance for all flesh at that time.

---Why? They all will come face to face to a decision to make: accept or reject.

---Why? History must stop and Jesus must come to fetch His harvest of Revelation 14 the last verses.

---Ellen White saw a shaking of the church and apostacy coming. Then the emptiness will be filled with others from all corners from the earth, even other churches. Pastors with their whole churches, she saw, will join the true church or remnant.

---What is apostacy? It is the replacement of cultural modern civil LGBTQH values and Women Ordination insistence against clear biblical texts like 1 Timothy 3:14. Like a Baptist professor in Tuscan said: “A woman cannot be a husband…the end.”

---But not so for many who wanted to rebel in the Adventist church licking wounds over the majority vote of the GC and also getting a compliance document.

---Reaction? Special meeting at Riverside church. What did they say?

---William Johnson the New Testament scholar whom Hasel did not want to teach at the Seminary before 1994, the year of his death. “Withhold tithes from the GC” he said. What? Rebelling with the issue and now further rebelling from withholding God’s tithe from the GC suggested. Wow. If this is not apostacy what is. I think Hasel was right.

Source: On Monday night (10-29-2018) three officers from the SECC held a Non-Compliance townhall meeting at the Rubidoux SDA Church in Riverside CA. The meeting was live-streamed. Excerpts from the meeting are listed below this video:

---What the rebels do not know is that Woman Ordination is connected to Gay ministry and both are non-biblical. A non-Adventist study done sometime in 1993 suggested strongly this link after studying reasons why churches split.

---Wait a minute. The NAD walked out of the GC and built their own building. After rejection of Women Ordination and kept their tithes back. Johnson et al at Riverside applied.

---Where did this separation idea originate? Who was the father of it? Remember that we are studying apostacy. Do not let it out of the eye.

---The father of separation and becoming independent is Raymond Forrest Cottrell (1911-2003). He said it himself in an autobiography to his submission of all his files to Loma Linda and copied to Andrews University Library by request from them.

---And downloaded from the internet at Andrews University is the source: Read it for yourself. It is called at Andrews James White Archives as: Raymond F. Cottrell (Collection 238). Thanks. Here is an excerpt to help identify apostacy in Adventism:

154. “The Case for an Independent North American Division” (23 pp., 1985). Requested by Spectrum for its 13:1 September 1982 issue.

024200              Box 7   Folder 31

155. “Full Division Status for North America” (23 pp., April, 1982).

024201              Box 7   Folder 32

156. “The North American Division” (5 pp., n.d.).

024202              Box 7   Folder 33

157. “Restructuring the North American Division: a Study Group Report” (4 pp.,  n.d.).

024203              Box 7   Folder 34

158. “A True North American Division: Why We Can̓t Wait” (2 pp., 1989). Requested by Spectrum  for its 19. 1 August 1988 issue.

024204              Box 7   Folder 35          Empty Folder.

159. “Bible Principles Relating to the Ordination of Women” (19 pp., 1996). Written for the Southeastern California Conference Gender Inclusiveness Commission.

024205              Box 7   Folder 36          Empty Folder.

160. “Gender Inclusive Ordination in Southeastern California—1: Bible Principles” (16 pp., 1996). Written for the Southeastern California Conference in anticipation of its quadrennial constituency meeting, October 27, 1996.

024206              Box 7   Folder 37          Empty Folder.

161. “Gender Inclusive Ordination in Southeastern California—2: the Utrecht Vote” (9 pp., 1996). Same as preceding note.

024207              Box 7   Folder 38          Empty Folder.

162. “Gender Inclusive Ordination in Southeastern California- --3: in Anticipation of the October 27, 1996 Constituency Meeting” (5 pp., 1996).

---He did not like Hasel and he said that in an article. He said the sun went down over Theology when Hasel came. In the article around 1978.

--- He was against Ellen White’s authority (consult the same source) against the Investigative Judgment (same source) was the first member of the Adventist church to become a member of the Evangelical Society. Mmm. That is a mouthful. Be careful of sitting in the wrong circles. Insisted on preterism for prophecy [own time insistence rather than historicism of Adventism]. Did you read Edwin de Kock’s works?

---But Adventist leaders are careful and careless. “I do not care about this issue” a pastor of a church told me in South Korea. Ok. He is careless. Then he added: “But I am for woman ordination”. I said: “I know and feel sorry for you”.

---Sorry? Apostacy.

---It is not a biblical issue some say. Biblical issue. Is the fruit that Eve ate a biblical issue or not? Is the origin of that act sin or not? Small things interest God. Like not cooking on Sabbath. Wow. Stop please.

---You are upsetting us. Upsetting? Who do you think is upset? God is. In Jeremia 45 God told him to speak straight to his scribe Baruch. A talented educated young man who complained that God is destroying his future and he has no rest when he has to write all these messages.

---God said to Baruch: “Because you desire big things for yourself”. Wow. Does it sound familiar? We must try to bring the numbers of our non-Adventists at our school higher so that we can buy better cars and have better apartments. No, they do not say that.

---Secularizing. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Also at our institutions. Is that true? This is not a communism debate or socialism or civil right activism. This is about spiritual poverty due to financial focus.

---So churches are running empty in the USA. A pastor from the USA preached last Sabbath in our church saying that a Baptist church has become a bar or similar.

---I thought by myself the rule is: “You make your bed…you sleep in it”.

---So why are churches closing down in the USA?

---Why would God bless a society that is promoting non-biblical values like Woman ordination and Gay ministry and LGBTQH rights?

---Thus decay and degeneration and empty churches.

---But, said one source, the issue is that the Building of Churches generation is dying out. 13000 of them die every day. They were the ones who was born before 1946.

Source: Thom S. Rainer, Five Reasons Why Churches Are Dying and Declining Faster Today

---Yes Rainer, it is one issue but it could have been different if the church did not rebel for Women Ordination, rebel for Gay Ministry, rebel to withhold tithe, rebel to be independent because they could not get their vote.

---Heaven can see, the Holy Spirit on earth too. So if disasters are roaming around…it is because the faithful do not stay faithful…not because the evil is abounding.

---Now what can happen if a leader is faithful? Present president Il-Mok Kim is probably the greatest university president in South Korea.

---Why? God punished past presidents for not walking their specific lines God charted for them specifically and for no-one else on campus. Result? Debt.

---As Covid president Il-Mok Kim and his Vice President of Finance went together finance harvesting in the USA. Very faithful both of them. I can testify.

---Both of them may not agree with anything I wrote above so there is no connection here. Do not guess or be opinionated.

---The reality is..because they were faithful, on their knees…following the lines that God chartered for them specifically, they succeeded in removing the debt of Sahmyook University and some surpluses. Wow. That is in the Covid Period.

---Kyungpook University is the number one university of South Korea and in January this year of the COVID, they did not have finances to switch our classrooms on with heaters and students had to be taught by me and my co-worker 17 degrees or when someone complained, 19 degrees. Why? No money. It is a government university. No money.

---So God help those who is willing to walk the charted lines God has specifically for that elected president and for no other person on campus. Correct?

---So churches are splitting from their mother churches over woman ordination and gay ministry and ecumenism. Who? In South African 18th October the General Synod of South Africa for the Calvinistic Church, Dutch Reform Church refused to get in line with the Bible. Result? This month and this week in November the crying ones [dolerendes] announced the starting of the process of breaking away from them.

---What did Ellen White saw? Pastors with their whole congregations joined the remnant.

---Where is the remnant? Culture focused and orientated or Bible focused and orientated?

---It is the wish of governments that Bible will not be taught at theology schools but rather sociology, anthropology and psychology. They want charities, bazaars, entertainment, care for the poor, care for the elderly, to take priority. And they will finance it with Grants for the religious school. No strings attached…not yet?

---Hello if you are still reading.

---Are you on your knees asking yourself where you are?

---Are there inroads in your local church of church music from Presbyterian Youth Music? Drums, guitars, loud synthesizers, piano pushed off the stage and the hymnbook gathering dust or is not visible any longer? Hello.

---It is time to wake up Laodicea, John said and we know it so well, or did sometime ago …before we drove our latest BMW.

---Is your phone out to contact your local pastor at the Adventist Church? Tell him you are interested in historicism and not preterism in prophecy and can he tell you more about Daniel and Revelation but not with Ranko Stefanovich because he told one of the professors in New Testament that the book was not written for an Adventist audience. Oops. Not your book. Another one please. Of the older ones. When? Now.