Why I avoid the SBL for a long time now

The biblical text demands from us all a specific lifestyle (ontology) because it will affect the cognitive parts of our thinking choices (epistemology) and this will be reflected in our methodology which force the end-product (idea, Twitter, sermon, table-talk, opinion, book, article, etc) to be mirroring all of the aforementioned. So, a careless living person will hate a text telling him/her how wrong they are, will be agnostic or atheistic in thinking because adjustments in lifestyle are definitely not going to be made by them. The biblical text is already through their shredder-machine approach reflected in their cynical aligned methodology so that the outcome is a can of worms. I think of the honest remarks of Julius Wellhausen who did just that as Shredder-machine cutting the biblical text to pieces, that he wanted to resign in 1882 from the Seminary because he has no confidence in what he reads. The SBL promotes and publishes and sells Wellhausinian HCM works, scholars, researchers and teachers at Seminaries and religious schools, following this Islammic agnostic researcher paradoxically trying to gain faith from it. I severed HCM ties long ago and thus became skeptical of the skeptics. That includes many generations of SBL works and products.