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Studying Mission in the series Lesson 8, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: “Mission is determined evangelism of colleagues and friends for Morning Manna of the Sabbath School Lesson Mission”.

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God."

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---When too many people were standing around a house in Israel while Jesus was teaching inside lawyers, Pharisees and other high men from Galilee, Judea and Jerusalem even, a needy sick person could not get near Jesus.

---His friends pushed and searched for a way to get him in front of Jesus.

---But no one wanted to stand aside or move. They did not want to miss the confrontation of the explosion that was going to happen.

---Heavy weights are inside from both opposing sides and they are going to tackle soon and it is going to be messy. They do not want to miss this show. And it is free.

---No. They are not going to stand aside and let five people pass them.

---Blocked. For the gospel to happen. No help. No healing. No glorifying God to happen.

---It is the same with the NAD currently. The pastoral pool is shrinking. Students do not want to study for pastors.


---Theology departments do not get student interested to study ministry.

---Why? has the answer. They are making the churches “toxic” with their WO = Women Ordination agenda. They should drop it.

---They block the gospel to be preached because every church is pro- or con- on the issue. Divided!

---So why would young people pay expensive for theological training to come and sit in a toxic divided church by a NAD leadership that is poisoned to continue their agenda? That is what fulcrum7 said.

---So Kyushin Ahn and the NAD president and the Oregon President suggested that supplements be added to the Church Manual that will change churches to companies and to groups. A reverse process not currently there for dying churches.

---A lawyer stood up from the General Conference and said that there is already two procedures for dissolving due to lack of members and expulsion due to whatever reasons like heresies or other. So supplement is not necessary.

---Dying? Who speaks of dying procedures? NAD. Who speaks of growing procedures? Andrew Kang.

---Andrew Kang this year baptized many people but also a Rock-star Australian who came to Sahmyook University Theological Building to be baptized with his family. He decided to leave jazz music behind.

---A youtube video from Chicago is a Missionary who listened in the traffic to work in the mornings to the Bible College of Andrew Kang and Daniel and Revelation.

---Result? Getting ready to become an SDA and be baptized. His wife is now studying.

---Makes one think. Correct? Where does the Latter Rain happen and where not? And why not?

---Shrinking Adventism of the NAD versus Growing Adventism of Andrew Kang. Correct?

---Shrinking versus expansion.

---So now the five found a way. Roof. They are not going to shrink. They are going to expand.

---They got on the roof and lowered him down in front of Jesus.

---Jesus looked at the five men, liked them, liked their faith.

---Man, you sins is forgiven.

---The Theological and Judicial Committee around Jesus almost fainted.

---Forgiven sins!

---What are you thinking in your hearts. Jesus could see.

---To prove that I am the Son of Man, stand up sick man, take you bed and go into your house.

---He did. Thanking God. Glory to God. He said. Glory to God. He repeated.

---People in the house began to say the same.

---The Theological Party was shocked. They felt they had to disappear quickly.

---They did .

---Is you church dying or toxic because of leadership in your conference or Union that is pushing for Woman Ordination and like the pope this week: Transgenders can be pastors in the Catholic Church. Hello. The end of times has come. Are you awake or sleeping?

---If you experience these problems in your congregation or church, you have to move. When? Immediately. You cannot sleep or die with them. Can you?