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Studying Mission in the series Lesson 8, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: “Mission is doing it Christ’s way and dealing with Migrationism as a Sign of the End-Time for Morning Manna of the Sabbath School Lesson Mission”.

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God."

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---Christ’s Method is not K-pop. Salvation by K-pop. Not salvation by feeling and enthusiasm.

---People think they must lie down with the people in their sick beds at the Pool of Bethesda and impress them with their passion or same-ness and then encourage them to try to get up and walk out.

---Not Christ.

---To be saved from misery the man had to be drastic following His command.

---Jesus asked the man at the Pool of Bethesda in John 5: “Do you want to be healed?”

---People say: what a strange question. Of course he wants to be healed but he has no assistance when he is there for others go first.

---But when the Creator stands next to him, it is not an ordinary person. It is not another crutch to quickly get to the water or a wheelchair heading to the waters.

---He does not have to go to the waters of healing, the Water of Life came to him.

---Stand up. Take your bed and walk.

---The words of Jesus were the Water of Life all over his ears into his brain into his nerve system into his muscles and bones and whole body.

---He immediately was healed and he took his bed and walked.

---It was Sabbath. He was to 2424 on Sabbath. Move his property. Passed the Theology Department of Pharsisees and learned men of the Law of Moses.

---They made the law that you should not go more than 2km from your house, otherwise it is breaking the Sabbath.

---So in our town there was a Rabbi who told my father that to get around this prohibition, they go the day before and put every two km their handkerchief from their house. So they can travel where they want to be because their handkerchief or “house” is every two km.

---Christ the Lord of the Sabbath who gave this command to Moses does not work the way the Rabbi suggested and not the way the Sabbath rules of Pharisees made it in this man’s day in John 5.

---Is Christ breaking His own law? No. He is keeping it. Are we to move our belongings on Sabbath in future? No.

---The bed was part of the man and it was not difficult for him to grab and go.

---Do not leave your “garbage” at the park on the grass after your Sabbath picnic. Correct? Does it mean that you can go and pick up the garbage at the Park for all the people? Or create a business that goes on Sabbaths to clean parks? No and No.

---Migrationism is discussed Wednesday in our Lesson.

---Isaiah 24 predicts that at the end time (the chapter of Isaiah 24:1 is End-Time predictions, see the last verses of the chapter dealing with the end itself), it predicts that inhabitants of the earth shall be scattered abroad. Did you see it?

---For short: migrationism is predicted as a Sign of the End-Time.

---Are there migrations going on?

---And how!

---It is also predicted that at the End Time cities will be devastated without inhabitants living in them. Isaiah 24:10 says that broken down is the city of wasteness.

---One can see this topic in Habakkuk 2. How do we know it is the End-Time and not just the Babylonian Exile destruction or Romans destruction in 70AD predicted?

---End-time descriptions are given connected to the Second Coming of Christ.

---Violence in the Lebanon area will be very strong.

---Did you see the ‘host of heaven’ = Satan of Revelation that will be shut up (Isaiah 24:21) and his shutting up is for “to be punished after many days” = 1000 years of Revelation 20! Wow. Isaiah and John had the same visions.

---Isaiah 24:10 Broken down is the city of wasteness.

---In Habbakuk 2:17 violence in Lebanon is mentioned and the rest of the land is mentioned as follows: “because of men's blood, and for the violence done to the land, to the city and to all that dwell therein”. Gaza? Is it a signal of Gaza?

---How do we know that Habakkuk is speaking of the period after 1798? Habakkuk 2:3 the vision is for an appointed time. Appointed times in the Bible is one of the longperiod years mentioned in Daniel. 1260 years end or the 2300 years prophecy is in mind here. Either 1844 or 1798 but later.

---Are we in 2023 later than 1844 or 1798? Hello.

---M. L. Andreasen indicated that Ellen White also interpreted Habbakuk 2:3 as the End Time. In a Sabbath School Lesson of the archives of the

---For deeper detail by students eager to know the Bible, download the guide of myself online at and ask for Devotional Commentary on Nahum. Habbakuk is fully dealt there with references.

---So indeed it is the End of Times.

---Are you ready?

---While the world is falling apart as predicted, how do CEO’s getting ready for the future of their companies?

---Plan as if it is still extended time, but personally get ready as if it will be tomorrow.

---At a certain time these CEO’s will have to flee from the cities. When? May sooner than we think. Are you ready? Call your pastor and find out more about the call to leave the cities. Is your smartphone out to call your Adventist pastor nearest to you? When? Immediately.