The morning Manna will be provided at 6am. Thanks.

Studying Mission in the series Lesson 8, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: “Mission is eating with people known to drink but without drinking with them for Morning Manna of the Sabbath School Lesson Mission”.

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God."

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---How do you care for someone in your neighborhood that is not a Seventh-day Adventist?

---How do you care for someone that might be a Buddhist, Muslim or Hindu or Catholic or other Protestant?

---How do you care for someone who is agnostic, atheistic or nihilistic? Avoiding God?

---Food packages.

---Buy a bread. Put three bananas in if the person is lonely or single. Put two eggs in. Put in some teabags. Place in the bag also Sahmyook Soyamilk. Put some straws and three paper cups in. Put in two apples and six Tangerines. Then place in it the Home and Health magazine (old copies from long ago) from our church. Only that.

---Walk over to the house, knock. At the door you give the bag and refuse the offer to enter or invitation. Say that you are on your way to another appointment.

---Next week at the same time do the same.

---The week after that do the same.

---Then after six times change the magazine to our newspaper or our Church magazine. It will be Signs of the Times.

---The next time switch back to Home and Health? Why? To adjust any shock if there is.

---Then after two weeks, put another pamphlet also with Home and Health together.

---Keep bringing the food bags once a week. Only saying high is enough.

---What I found is that they talk with their friends and their friends try to meet or greet me.

---Nice. Right?

---Are you trying to be ecumenical with this? Are you trying to invite them to come to your church and speak on your pulpit? No. Never. Ellen White said that we should not do pulpit swapping activities.

---Should Adventism assimilate and fuse with other Protestants in the area? No.

---Christ said that we should be in the world but not of the world.

---Did Christ drink alcoholic beverages with these people? No. They would not offer Him that because they knew He did not drink. But, it was their own history to drink alcohol and that is why the Pharisees were complaining that He ate with drunkards. They knew their history. Separate these people’s history from that event with Christ. They are not the same. 

---Do not attend a meeting where people drink alcohol. Stay short and leave. But if no alcohol one can stay longer and talk sensibly and effectively. 

---Andrew Kang just preach Adventism. The Truth. Daniel and Revelation as prerequisite to attend his church.

---Who are baptized? Deacons, elders, pastors of other churches and also non-religious atheists. Some of them Andrew Kang do not know because they called my countryside church Elder to ask if it is the same church as Andrew Kang. And they were baptized. Coming as deacon from the Methodist Church. Hello.

---There is no need to adjust the content of your message, the style of your music, the style of your dress, the manner of your liturgy or worship in church “to attract others”.

---It was reported to us that SAY Church at Sahmyook University arranged for the University Students Week of Prayer.

---Theology students were well dressed and did their best. Pastors involved did their best in attending.

---But the music was secular guitars, electronic and drums.

---Success? It was reported that the numbers at SAY Church went down instead of increasing. Hello.

---So do not fuse, assimilate, accommodate, change, modify. Keep to the Spirit’s style of Word of God content. Avoid talking non-biblical and just experiential. The power of the message is through the Word of God not away from it. Get it?

---Is your pastor hiding the Bible while he is preaching? Is he using the Bible just as a decoration for his own experience talking? You need to bring him back to the Word of God.

---Is your pastor reading his sermon instead of looking people in the eye? Talk to your pastor. Preaching is not reading. There is a difference.

---Tell your pastor that if he is reading his sermon at a Homiletics class (preaching class) at Andrews University, he will get an F. For sure.

---So are you ready to face the “world”. With proper content? Select your neighbor in your area. When? Immediately. Go and get the bread immediately.