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Studying Mission in the series Lesson 9, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: “Mission is appealing for salvation to the Powerful but not letting them control you materialistically for Morning Manna of the Sabbath School Lesson Mission”.

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God."

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---Mission to the powerful.

---What does it mean?

---Two principles: pay to Caesar that belongs to Caesar. Tax and expectations. That is, give to the government what it asks unless it is against the Word and will of God in the Word of God. Only textually not correct. Biblicistically or Fundamentally and literally reading the Bible. No figuratively reading of the Scripture.

---Second principle: You need to know what is Elijaism and what is Yezebelism.

---What was Yezebel and Ahab’s problem?

---Accreditation. Source:

---In this video dr. Sook-Young Kim of Sahmyook University is describing one of the most sensitive issues for Adventist Institutions: Accreditation.

---This phenomenon has become a serious matter of the church that accelerates secularism within it's ranks.

---Some thinkers in the church suggest that we should not have accepted any process of accreditation ever.

---She discusses Irenism and the Pioneers of the church that were involved trying to appease the AMA of the USA.

---The process was one of giving them the smallest finger and they wanted the one next to it as well.

---Then the two they wanted three and so forth until they have the whole body in their control.

---At some point in future, and maybe the near future, accreditation of Adventism will not be important for them any longer in order to finish the last phases of world's history.

---If institutions are too involved and grown into it, eventually the persecution time will arrive, and any institutions will not avail their operation any longer.

---A shocking statement but there were cases in the past where His hands intervened upon them.

---This was Yezebel’s problem. They wanted to be accredited with Phoenican Sidon and Tyrus cities.

---Result? Hundreds of Baal and Ashera priests stayed around the palace.

---Yahwism of Yezebel and Ahab became ecumenical.

---They became non-literal in the Bible readings.

---They became selective in readings so that it will not upset the LGBTQH mentalities of the Ashera priests who were transvestites, cuneiform tablets tells us of the gula (Akkadian language for priest). Young boys acting as females.

---It was an old problem, not only in 2023. In Sumer of Ur III period there was a special dialect Emesal Sumerian that these boys spoke. Hello.

---Yezebel became highpriestess of these boys or what they call themselves.

---Yahwism was fused with Phoenician religion.

---Elijah remained far from the palace. Yahwism was a divided religion. He separated himself [remnant] from these accreditation teams.

---“Are you the trouble-maker of Israel?” Yezebel’s husband asked Elijah.

---Not welcome. Excluded at Samaria palace. Different. Not one of us. Not ecumenical. Reading the Bible literally. A Fundamentalist.

---So the Missionary W. D. Reynolds in 1901 from Princeton Calvinism was schooled in Bavinck and Kuyper, a conservative Biblicist and Fundamentalist.

---He came to South Korea and taught at Pyongyang Theological Seminary (1901-1934). The other missionary was one who came earlier. Samuel A. Moffet (1864-1939) went to Northern Korea and established the Seminary at Pyongyang (1901-1922). 

--- Two Parks, Hyung-Yong Park (1897-1978) and Yune-Sun Park (1905-1988)  were their disciples and for over 50 years they fought for Biblicism and Fundamentalism (reading the Bible literally). Not dodging the truth of the Bible. Just like the Missionaries and just like Princeton Theology and just like Bavinck and Kyuper. 

---They were Confessionalistic also by clinging to Sunday keeping and infant baptism.

---But, they tried their best. Until.

---Until Jae-Jun Kim the Presbyterian rejected Biblicism and Fundamentalism in 1947.

---That was the year that James Barr wrote his book against Biblicism and Fundamentalism, in 1947.

---This “Baal prophet” said that to read the Bible literally is wrong. Everything is symbolical or figuratively. Do not follow or do everything it says. He said.

---So did Jae-Jun Kim, so he felt that he was “progressive”. So he broke away from the Conservative H-Y. Park and Y-S. Park Calvinistic Church and created his own church when he was excommunicated in 1953.

---The other "liberal/progressive" or biblical regressive scholar is Jong-Sung Lee (1972-2011). Birds of the same feather as Jae-Jun Kim. 

---Two Calvinistic churches: Bible keeping and Bible rejecting.

---Bible Keeping relied on American missionaries in 1903, on Princeton Theology of 1890 with Bavinck and Kuyper and with H-Y. Park and Y-S. Park’s Biblicism and Fundamentalism pushdrive.

---Even in 1967 H-Y. Park was fighting for a Bible keeping church.

---But the “Progressive/Liberal Calvinists” accepted Lutheran becoming Calvinist Liberal Theologian Karl Barth as their pushdrive. But scanty. He did not follow him fully. 

---Barth rejected the Great Controversy and Satan in Heaven Rebellion in his works.

---Who do you think participated in the Yezebellian LGBTQH ecumenism? Jae-Jun Kim church.

---Are there Adventists who are desiring the Accreditation making wealthy program for our University?

---So what is the fruits of all this? No Adventists in our Adventist Highschools because parents took their children out.

---These non-Adventist students brought with them their baggage of “Progressive Calvinist Church” music and playing and singing it at the Highschools, what happened? They came to Sahmyook University and insist that the SAY youth group should use it there too.

---Result? Agony for Country Side churches and when these kids go to their own churches during break, they either sleep on their arms or play in the back of the church smartphone games. Hello. Time to wake up everyone.

---When the Bible should not be read literally, then Ellen White neither. Out of the window is LGT Last Generation Theology. Out of the window is her counsel against sponsorship money from the government.

---Why? Many students mean more jobs and more jobs mean BMW and Audi’s for our oversees studying children and thus materialism is our future.

---But what about the nearness of the Second Coming of Christ? “Excuse me, I have to pick up my children at E-Mart. Talk to you later.”

---Befriend the Powerful. For what? Two ways, said Jesus. Wide and Narrow. Then Jesus said: Only a few find the narrow way. Why find?

---Because you have to seek it. Seek and you shall find.

---No seeking, no finding.

---How do you seek and find when you do not seek and find the Word of God or Biblicism and Fundamentalism? You don’t. Got it?