Woman Ordination acclamation is stepping on the Bible as on Trash


1.     If you were Eve, and Pastor Satan through the beautiful snake said to you: headship is with Adam. How unfair. Since you are so beautiful and after all, he is just handsome. You show your individuality and right to do things for yourself. So touch the fruit.

2.     You stumble and says: I cannot. God in His Word said literally that we should not touch it.

3.     Literal? Do not take the Word of God literal. He does not mean what He says. You should not read the letters. Read behind, above, in front, next to the letters. That is where the real message and meaning is. Do not believe what the Word of God says, believe what it means…to you.

4.     After all, pastor Satan said, you are actually very kind because now you are going to share and minister to your husband fruit that you plucked instead of working hard in the ground and waiting for the harvest. Wow. How kind. You serve him.

5.     Pastor Satan did the same with Christ: did not the literal words said that He will command His angels that you do not bump your foot against a stone? Jump. What is literal true to a specific situation, pastor Satan extended to apply it to something else. Believe the literal word in one situation and it will apply also in another to you.

6.     Believing the Word of God is true and should be read in the text and followed literal for literal and figurative for figurative and literal for a figurative application if so demand and figurative for a literal application if explicitly so demand in the whole corpus of texts called the Bible. This reading method is called Biblicism.

7.     Obeying because the text says you should is called Fundamentalism.

8.     Rejecting the text’s reading is rejecting the Word of God. Correct? It is disobeying what God literally said.

9.     Now let us see how Jesus applied it with the Adulterous woman in John 8. He said to her: “Go and serve your church and become an ordained pastor or an ordained elder in the church”. Correct? The Holy Spirit, Christ and the Father knew 2023 very well and as Editor the Holy Spirit would have added this clause there. Correct?

10.  Thirty years after Christ, Paul wrote to Timothy because the church had now elders and the congregations were now large. In 1 Timothy 3:2 Paul says to Timothy: Elders, be good spouses to your spouses. Correct?

11.  If you are a Biblicist and Fundamentalist you will refuse this paraphrase of the Bible I gave in the previous point. You will say: It is not the Word of God and I should not obey it. Correct?

12.  Well, how about Sunday as day of worship? No, but the text says literally you should worship on Saturday not Sunday. It is disobedient to not follow the Word of God as He speaks. Correct?

13.  You are now ready to wonder about the Ordination of Women as Elders or worse, the Ordination of Women as Ministers.

14.  Why do people push for Elder Ordination of Women? They did at the Annual Council but it never reached the floor for the General Conference to vote on. Why? It would have been rejected.

15.  So why did they suggest that? Here is the rule: If you cannot get into the front door with your issue, create a Trojan Horse not the same but which can bring you and your issue in and then use that permitted issue to open the door from the inside! What does this mean?

16.  At the Front Door of the General Conference the majority of divisions clearly rejected Woman Ordination of Pastors the third time in 2015. They could not enter through the front door.

17.  So if they can get the Annual Council to accept the Ordination of Elders, not Ministers, then later they can argue that a Minister is an Elder and therefore a woman ordained as an Elder is also a Minister! From backdoor to the frontdoor. Wow. Pastor Satan is very smart. Correct?

18.  Can woman preach? The Bible says yes.

19.  Can woman pray? The Bible says yes. Remember Paul said that when a woman prays…she must cover her head? Remember? Thus, she can pray.

20.  Women were prophets in the Old Testament but prophets were not ordained for their positions.

21.  The priest is not a prophet and the prophet is not a priest. You can be sure that if a prophet does something that a priest should do like making an offering table or offering, then the Bible will mention it. Why? It is unusual or eccentric.

22.  A king is not supposed to preach or offer as a priest but you may find him entering the temple and the Bible will mention it. Why? It is unusual and eccentric.

23.  Joel says that daughters will in the last days prophecy. Yes, but not because they are ordained but because the Holy Spirit Latter Rain will fall on them. It is not a human mechanical action but a divine action. Got it?

24.  In surrounding nations of Egypt, Hittites, Phoenicia, Greece, Nuzi, Mari, Sumerian world, Akkadian world, woman had leading roles in society.

25.  Nabonidus, the father of Belshashar insisted that his daughter/sister should be ordained in a city near Babylon, but the god Ashur said no. Three times they begged the god Ashur and the third time he made her a highpriestess. Woman ordination in Daniel’s days.

26.  In Rome there was a problem with feminism and woman tried to act as men, soldiers, gladiators, builders, all are listed in the book Daily Life in Rome 1936 online.

27.  Ellen White was a prophet but never called herself one. She was never ordained as a minister.

28.  Alberto Timm wrote a very good article online on the History of Woman Ordination in 2016. Everyone should study it.

29.  It is about Satan’s voice to Eve and Satan using people to speak his message of avoiding the text and looking for meaning behind, in front, next to, above, below but not in the text. Hello.

30.  A pastor said to me, I do not care about woman ordination. I said, I know. And I feel sorry for you. Why did I say that to him? Because he is stepping on the Bible as a piece of trash. He wants to dodge the clear literal words in the text. Correct?

31.  So is your pastor or his wife begging everyone to pray for the ordination of woman in your church? Tell them it is not following the Word of God.

32.  Ellen White predicted that in the Last Days, she said in Great Controversy, people will dodge the Bible to follow their own wisdom and senses and an apostasy would follow.

33.  Woman ordination whether pastor or elder or both and gay ministry or gay members in any church, Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican, Episcopalean, Orthodox of all kinds, are linked from one issue into another like a chain. Not maybe, really. There are articles on this in Calvinism.

34.  The new movement in Calvinism is a split in South Africa this month away from the Main established Dutch Reform church who accept both these cards, Woman Ordination and Gay Ministers as OK, even though not biblically OK. Got it?

35.  111 Congregations are holding meetings now considering to do what? Follow the Bible and not an evil hierarchy calling themselves the church.

36.  The main church of the Calvinists also rejected the virgin birth of Christ, did what Loma Linda and LaSierra Adventist Scientists did at a meeting on the Westcoast, my scientist friend was there, substituting Evolution for Creation. The splitting congregations insisted on Creationism. Pray that God will lead them into the full truth.

37.  Pray that God will lead these deceived members in our church to open their eyes in these times we are living in. Unbiblical kindness is not kindness but deception of pastor Satan on what to do with the text or Word of God. Got it?