Was Gamaliel from the Hillel school or Shammai school?

---Paul was too violent before conversion to belong to the pacifistic Hillel school.

---The Shammai school was more positive about Rome rather than Hellenism. Hillel was more positive about Hellenism rather than Rome. (See Phillip J. Long, Paul: At the Feet of Gamaliel? Reading Acts 7 September 2011. Downloaded from https://readingacts.com/2011/09/07/paul-at-the-feet-of-gamaliel/). Long did his doctoral in New Testament at Andrews University in 2011. His dissertation was published as Jesus the Bridegroom by Pickwick Books in 2012. In 2019 he published a commentary. Galatians: Freedom through God’s Grace (Wipf & Stock, 2019).

---Jewish literature do not portray Gamaliel as been knowledgeable of the Scriptures.

---They do not portray him as a teacher.

---The chain of teachers jumped from Hillel to Yohanan ben Zakkai and do not go through Gamaliel to Yohanan. (see Pirkei Abot 1:2).

---Gamaliel, the Mishnah said, was one of the greatest teachers in all the annals of Judaism.: "Since Rabban Gamaliel the Elder died, there has been no more reverence for the law, and purity and piety died out at the same time". (Sotah 9:15).

---The Misnah says in Pesahim 88:2 says that the king and queen asked for his advice about rituals. It is not said who the king and queen were. Scholars are looking at the Herods.

---Jewish literature said that he was famous for some laws on welfare of the community and also the rights of a woman in divorce. (Yevamot 16:7).

---A number of citations in Jewish Literature indicates that Gamaliel was the head of Jewish Law. (Tosefta Sanhedrin 2:6; Sanhedrin 11b; Jerusalem Talmud Sanhedrin 18d; Jerusalem Talmud Ma'aser Sheni 56c

---Gamaliel wrote two epistles to be distributed on the subject of first tithe.

---The third letter was sent to argue about the need of an intercalary month for their calendar.

---Gamaliel had a saying about his students classifying them as kinds of fish:

ritually impure fish: one who has memorized everything by study, but has no understanding, and is the son of poor parents

A ritually pure fish: one who has learnt and understood everything, and is the son of rich parents

A fish from the Jordan River: one who has learnt everything, but doesn't know how to respond

A fish from the Mediterranean Sea: one who has learnt everything, and knows how to respond

(see Wikipaedia “Gamaliel”)

---There is a tenth century Jewish scholar Dunash ibn Tamim who said that he saw an Arabic book translated from the Hebrew book Sefer Yetsirah saying that Gamaliel was the same person as the Greek Galen. Galen lived in the second century AD and Gamaliel was in the first century AD. It seem unlikely a claim. But what if Galen took his main ideas from a work that Gamaliel wrote in the first century?

---Galen was the famous Greek medical expert of the second century AD.

---The name of the Hebrew book translated to Arabic was The Book of Gamaliel the Prince (Nasi), called Galenos among the Greeks. (See Gero, Stephen (1990). "Galen on the Christians: A Reappraisal of the Arabic Evidence". Orientalia Christiana Periodica56 (2): 393).

---There is a Christian tradition that John the Apostle and Peter baptized Gamaliel and his son Abib (Photius, Cod. 171 (Edinburgh: T & T Clark, 1870). This was Photios I of Constantinople.

---In other Christian works it is said that Gamaliel kept his conversion secret (Recognitions of Clement 1:65–66).

---There is a claim that in the fifth century AD his body was discovered by a miracle and he was taken to the Pisa Cathedral. (Wikipaedia, “Gamaliel”).